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This is our experience with getting a birth certificate in Nevada, Clark County.

Firstly, we put it off for almost 4 years. After 4 years, you have to go through the state capitol and it's a delayed birth certificate. I don't have experience with that.

Here is a list of what they wanted me to have:
*2 notarized witness letters (the letters said they knew I was pregnant, and were told of the birth, which occurred at [address] and [time & date], and they saw the baby shortly afterward)
*2 bills that proved we lived at the residence
*paycheck stubs
*doctor or midwife records for prenatal care and newborn check
*parents' driver's licenses
*parents' social security cards

There are some other things that you could use that I can't remember right now. You can call the office of vital statistics to get the full list.

However, we did not have any doctor or midwife records and they didn't say anything about that. We also did not have any paycheck stubs, due to an oversight on my part. I had just forgotten they were part of the list. She seemed a bit annoyed about that, but asked if we had older children that were in the system. I have two older daughters who were both born in hospitals, so she looked them up and said that having other children in the system helps. So she overlooked our not having the paycheck stubs. That may have also helped with not having the doctor or midwife records as well, but I'm not sure, as the only thing she said about that was, so you didn't have any prenatal care or see a doctor or a midwife, I said no, she moved on.

Anyway, after that we just filled out the homebirth paperwork, she typed it all up, and within about a half an hour we had a birth certificate. The woman we worked with was overall very nice and only raised an eyebrow at the fact that we put it off for so long. And even that was in a mostly jesting manner. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be and apparently I had nothing to be nervous about, which is probably why I kept putting it off.

Also, part of the paperwork we filled out was a box to check giving them permission to send info for the s.s. card, so that was taken care of as well.
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What do I say when I call vital statics, how do I word that I'm having a UC and need to file for SS and birth certificate?
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Originally Posted by ohiomommy1122 View Post
What do I say when I call vital statics, how do I word that I'm having a UC and need to file for SS and birth certificate?
If you call and say your are "GOING" to have a UC, they will get all confused and insist that your doctor, hospital, or MW will take care of it.

But, if you call and say you DID have a home birth with no outside attendent present, they should be able to tell you what you will have to do to get a BC. I don't give my name at this stage, and always speak of the birth in the past tense, whether or not it has happened yet. Some places want to mail you a package, but most will just give you a list of information you need and a place to take it or send it.
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Here's information that I just received for South Carolina:

By SC law a birth must be registered within 5 days of the date of
birth. To register an unattended birth outside of a facility, we must
have proof of pregnancy, proof of live birth and proof of residence at
the location where the child was born. Parents must also complete
worksheets to provide identifying and medical information regarding the
birth. Please contact Dolores Hitesman (803-898-3620) to obtain these
forms. If it is not possible to provide the information listed below,
there is an option of having three friends or neighbors complete a birth
verification form, have it notarized and return to our office. All
information provided is subject to verification. If none of these can
be satisfied, the state vital records office can not register the birth
administratively and the parents must go to court to establish the birth

proof of pregnancy - Provide official prenatal care records from
licensed medical doctor or midwife; OR letter on facility letterhead
from licensed medical doctor or midwife verifying the pregnancy.

proof of residence - If the birth occurred at the mother’s residence,
furnish a power, gas, or water bill that covers the time frame when the
birth occurred. The copy of the bill must show the name of the utility
company, the physical address of the residence where service is
provided, and the name of the mother or father (if he is listed on the
birth certificate).

proof of live birth - Provide a letter on letterhead of a licensed
medical doctor or licensed mid-wife (unrelated to you or your family)
who arrived immediately following birth, has treated, given shots to or
performed lab work on the child since birth.
If the child has been taken to the county health department for shots
or any other treatment, provide a statement from the county health
department to verify the child has been seen by a nurse or medical
doctor (unrelated to you or your family). The statement must be on
county health department letterhead and signed by an official of the
county health department.

Shae R. Sutton, Ph.D.
Director, Division of Biostatistics
Public Health Statistics and Information Services
SC Department of Health and Environmental Control
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I had my daughter at home unassisted on 01-21-09 in Livonia, MI (Wayne County).

I initially went to the City Clerk's office when DD was 6 days old. The woman helping me (who was rude, I might add! ) didn't know what to do, so she had to call Lansing (State Capital). The person on the other line told her that they would have to mail "worksheets" to the City Clerk's office and that I needed some sort of documentation signed by a physician (unclear!). I was told to return later in the week.

I returned when DD was 2 weeks old. I brought a facesheet from the pediatrician that she signed, my own (home made) prenatal chart, and lab results from my last pap test that happened to state my LMP and "Pregnant". I filled out the worksheet, and picked up the birth certificate the next day!
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Update to Riverside County, CA

Originally Posted by auroranshine View Post
Apparently, they're very cooperative... well, at least they have info on the website.
They seem to have redone their site, as the listed link no longer works. This is the new one.
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Does anybody know about New Mexico? I haven't seen or heard of anybody going unassisted here...
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Originally Posted by Pitap View Post
Does anybody know about New Mexico? I haven't seen or heard of anybody going unassisted here...
Haha oops... I'm new here and didn't realize there was like 8 or 9 pages of responses... lol but if anybody has anymore info please let me know!
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Originally Posted by Pitap View Post
Does anybody know about New Mexico? I haven't seen or heard of anybody going unassisted here...
I have UCed in NM.

I called the department of records in Santa Fe, they mailed me a form to fill out and a list of documents to supply (proof of residence, of pregnancy, of live birth, and of who I was-I believe that was all), I mailed it back to them and recieved the BC within a couple of weeks.

No problems at all. But it had to be done in Santa Fe, and since I did not live there, I had to mail it in. (I much prefer doing it in person.)
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I'm in the process of getting my DD's birth registered here in Pueblo County Colorado. Had to go to the Health Department (WIC office) and make an appointment. Have to bring in at least 3 pieces of info showing I've lived here for 3 months prior to the birth, as many things as possible proving the pregnancy (such as medical records - good thing I went to the ER early in pregnancy after all!), and the baby. When I first went in they had NO idea what to do. They could not believe I DELIBERATELY gave birth at home, alone. The look on their faces was priceless!

Anyway... I also just found this little piece of info online at http://www.cdphe.state.co.us/certs/vrfaqs.html

Birth certificates must be filed with the local registrar within 10 days after birth. Or, if the birth certificate is filed electronically, filed directly with the Office of State Registrar. Death and fetal death certificates must be filed with the local registrar within five days.
But DD3 will be over 3 weeks old at the appointment, so I'm thinking they don't go by that restriction very strictly. At least not here in Pueblo.
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I found some information I hope is helpful for registering a live birth outside a hospital in Ohio and obtaining a birth certificate.
ETA: 2nd link with information http://vitalsupport.odh.ohio.gov/GD/...RelationID=462

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New Mexico

Just to clarify you do not need proof that baby exits from a dr. only. All our UC's, 6 of them, have been in NM. We have never taken baby to the ped, that is what vital statistics suggest for proof. I refuse and submit a baptismal certificate instead.
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Here is a link to my blog with an entry on filing for a birth certificate in Texas.
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Originally Posted by love2nurse View Post
Anybody out there know what is required for Alaska?
It's been 4 years, so I don't remember exactly what was required - not much, as I recall.

It was very simple - we went in to the office and asked what was needed, and I honestly can't remember. I'm sure some sort of proof of baby's existence, such as vax record or well baby visit proof etc.

The most difficult part was getting them to spell her name correctly, lol! Second most difficult was getting them to understand that yes, I do want "mother's name" and "person delivering baby" to be the same person - I did it, I'll take the credit, thank you very much. We finally gave up and allowed "attendant" to be my ex, technically he was in attendance....

I really don't remember any other "proof" items, like utility bills or anything like that.... however, I'm thinking that we may have taken in a bill from Children's Hospital (DD was life-flighted to Seattle following her birth) and that would have been proof of residence (or at least bill-collection) and proof of DD's existance.
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I recently UC'd in Louisiana

I had no trouble getting the birth certificate. I went to the Health Department prepared for a fight, had all kinds of papers and things from where we went to the doctor the next day. The lady didn't even ask for any of that stuff. She just said "It's been a long time since I've done a live birth" and then asked the questions for filling out the papers. Super easy... and they were very friendly about it and seemed to be really impressed with me.
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Anyone ever UC'd in the state of Maryland? Any helpful info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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Dodge County: if you give birth in Dodge county you can go up to the courthouse and fill out the forms necessary and be issued a birth certificate.

All other counties: must go through the vital statistics office in Lincoln. If paperwork is filed before 2 months of age they will also handle the SS paperwork.

You will need either a statement from your gp about your pregnancy or your childs ped to file the paperwork.
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I can't read the whole thread, so disregard if someone has already done NEw Orleans.

In N.O. I did not have a problem getting the birth certificate, it just took awhile and we did have to make an appointment and both me and my husband had to take the baby to the appointment.

They were very nice, but did say they had never had this type of situation before???

We just had to fill out some papers, bring like $30(I think ) and then they processed it while we were there, gave us a temp. one and then mailed us the real one in a few weeks, no big deal.

I got the number I had to call through social services and that was a hassle.
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Does anyone know how to get a BC in Anne Arundel County in Maryland?
Do I call Vital Statistics or do I get ahold of the County Clerk's office in Annapolis, MD? Anyone had an experience with this? Do you have to have proof of pregnancy etc ... etc? I'm just not sure. We were living in GA, but we've moved to MD, so I know things change. Also should I be concerned with getting this all figured out right now, or should I just wait until after our baby is born? Any helpful information is MORE than welcome
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