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letters to insurance companies

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There was a thread about this a while back when I was pregnant. I work for an insurance company and I asked if circ was a covered service. It is with my plan, although they could not tell me how much it cost but my friend said it cost her $180 for her son and that if she knew it wasnt covered, she would have considered otherwise.
I have the capability to write to the CEO himself since I can easily get his address. Here are my questions:
1. IS this the best person to write to about this?
2. Does anyone have a letter written you would like to share? (why recreate the wheel?)
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I modified my letter to my legislators:

Dear Sirs and Madams,

I am writing you because I have a cost savings suggestion for your insurance company. In this time of soaring health insurance costs and premiums, please STOP paying for medically UNNECESSARY routine infant circumcision SURGERY performed at parental request. Please work to eliminate the waste of unnecessary circumcisions from your company's budget. This cut was made to the Florida Medicaid budget in 2003, saving the taxpayers millions of dollars annually:


A few facts about circumcision:

* Circumcision is no longer recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, or any other national or international medical association, as numerous studies have not been able to prove any benefit.

* Circumcision is painful and usually performed without anesthetic.

* The risks of circumcision including excessive bleeding, infection, surgical mistakes, and death.

* Circumcision results in a loss of sensitivity and may result in sexual dysfunction.

* Circumcision is illegal to perform on female infants.

This is an unethical procedure to force on a non-consenting person.
I do not want my insurance premiums to pay for this!

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It might also be a good idea to add something about the cost of further surgical interventions to correct the mess that a circ causes - re-circs later, treatment for meatal ulcers and meatal stenosis, infections, MRSA hospital stays, constant doctors visits for "treatment" of adhesions.....they really would save a heap of money if the circ wasn't carried out in the first place, and not just for the original op.
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Awesome! I need to start composing. Can we have people post thier insurance carriers addresses and do mass mailings?
Thanks, My*Scorpio for your letter.
PS-I work for an insurance company and they have an annual giving matching gifts campaign, so I donated to NOcirc.org and they had to match it. My way of making them pay for what they are doing.....
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