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I think I'm pregnant

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I just had my IUD removed just after my last period and I think I'm already pregnant. My period is late, I'm HUNGRY, a little nauseas, and more tired than usual. I'm still waiting to take an hpt. There's something exciting and secret about not knowing for sure. I think I have an extra test from the last time - do you think they expire after 3 years? I had hoped to get pregger right away to avoid being pregnant through the worst of summer heat and I guess i got my wish. Of course, part of me feels like I'm not quite ready but too bad now. You're the first people I've told (except dh of course). Shh!
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That is wonderful and I hope it really is true! I hear you on the summer thing! I felt the same way but DH wanted a summer baby- June is a nice compromise!
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I hope you are! good luck
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It's confirmed - I saw two pink lines. EDD = 6/20/08
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