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I used to pee only 3-4 times a day

It's only 5pm and i've already gone to the bathroom 7 times!
Is it that i could be unconsciously drinking more?
What causes frequent urination? Hormones or changes in the uterus?
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Totally normal! I think it's due to increased kidney function and has little to do with how much you're drinking. With all of my pregnancies, I've pee'd as much the first few weeks as the last! Fortunately, it's a lot easier to get around now than it is those last few weeks!
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I think I was told once that it was also because your uterus is starting to swell, and it puts new pressure on your bladder, making you feel the urge to go more often. Once we get into the 2nd tri, your uterus lifts off of your bladder, (allegedly) reducing the need. Then in the 3rd tri, while your uterus is running out of room to expand into, it starts squeezing out your bladder again. Funsies.
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I never saw a slow-down in how much I peed during the second trimester. But I'm not thrilled at the prospect in the third trimester of feeling like I have to pee so bad I'll explode, then I sit down, and like a tablespoon comes out. : Every time.

But on the other hand, I was very much thrilled when I could start holding it if I had to a few months after my youngest was born (my body takes it's time getting back to normal).
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ohmygosh, you just reminded me. It was HORRIFYING. I hope I never have to go through this again. After my second was born, I had zero bladder control. Meaning, I could be walking through Target (yes, it happened) and I would pee on myself. This happened to me regularly for at least 6 weeks. There's nothing like feeling urine running down your legs and not being able to do anything about it, seriously.
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Kegels! Start doing your kegels now!
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oh gosh! i couldn't imagine peeing myself in public :/
btw just a update... 13 times..and im sure i'll go once more before bed.. sheesh.. i wish i got paid every time i went to the bathroom
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I started getting up to pee through the night (2 times!) as soon as this little one was conceived, lol.

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From what I just read, there are more toxins to get rid of now so your whole system goes into overdrive. Eventually your growing uterus puts more pressure on your bladder, but to start it's usually the toxin-flush.

Do kegels every time you are done going potty, that'll help at the end (that and your method that you choose to push/have your baby (whether it's coached or mother-led)).
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