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Well at first I was jealous of all you ladies. Hubby likes to sit around and play computer most of the time. But he is doing a great big thing for me.

He is willing to move us to the opposite coast so that I can live near my family. Even though he hates it there and hates moving and will have to quit his job and find another one.
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I've started to tear up and sniffle at work because of this thread.

DH has been really good about not commenting on the fact that I have suddenly lost all self control with regards to finances and seem to be indulging in large purchases (at stores, on the TP, online etc) regularly. Somehow buying that $8000 used minivan instead of a brand new $38000 one has caused me to shop compulsively.

DH has also been trying to make sure that our kitchen renovations create a minimum of dust and noise and that at any given point in time, the kitchen is within 24 hours of being put back into a functional kitchen.

And finally, he's very understanding of how exhausting it is for me to be a SAHM on my days off work. He knows that parenting is work too and has been trying, whenever possible, to give me a break, it's just hard because DD is very much still in her 'mama' phase and he is trying to work on projects around the house that I can't do.
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I love this thread, because I feel like my husband is the greatest!


...finishing the "baby laundry" after I started it and got too tired.

...cooking dinner sometimes, and trying to learn how to make more than a sandwich.

...telling me to take a day off when I need to.

...helping me lift the heavy stuff.

...laying on the floor so I can stretch out on the couch when we watch TV.

...always telling me I'm beautiful.

...thanking me constantly for carrying the baby for us.
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My DH bought me a nursing stool. I know its just a little thing, but we don't have a lot of spare cash right now (I quit my professorship, so we took a huge income hit and are really tight living on just DH's salary), so we haven't been making many unnecessary purchases. He knew that with DD I always wanted one. I have an old wooden rocking chair and it is pretty uncomfortable, plus it is too narrow to fit my Boppy and such to make nursing more comfortable. We can't afford one of those fancy padded chairs and ottomons, so DH bought me a wooden nursing stool to go with our existing chair without even telling me he did it. Very sweet little gesture.
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