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Bandgeek update

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Princess charlie has had many ups and downs recently - things got real scary yesterday morning. she's off feeds and back on oxygyen. bandgeek and her dh had a long meeting with the med people re: what to do for her. The med people told her that she might be ok but have delays, but they don't know for sure. she may or may not need a trach and feeding tube her whole life. again, they just don't know yet. the med people wanted to know what bandgeek and her dh wanted to do for her care. they decided they want princess charlie to have the care she needs to live. I can't even imagine the pain and heartache that they are going thru having to make such decisions.

the docs do seem hopeful that she'll be ok, though - just delays and she may or may not talk and walk but again it's just one of those things. some babies come thru and are typical in every way, others have some residual effects.

the docs are also still working on the seizure cause and the feedings as princess charlie is not tolerating food well and is going to be back on iv only feeds for a while.

bandgeek gave me the impression that charlie will be in hospital for a while. i keep hoping and praying that she'll be home soon.
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thank you for updating us. I am at a loss for words.. Please let bandgeek and her family know they are in my thoughts and prayers.
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: : :
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lit a candle in the chapel at the hospital last night while visiting mom....dd did one too....
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Thanks for keeping us updated. I think of them all the time and keep checking for updates. I am holding out hope that Princess Charlie will defy all with her strong spirit. Keeping you all surrounded in love.
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Oh, my heart just aches for Bandgeek and her husband. Sending many, many prayers for Charlie's health and future and for Bandgeek and her DH to have the wisdom and strength they need . . .
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still thinking of you and your family..
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Bandgeek~Still thinking of you and your family. If there is anything we can do please do not hesitate to ask us. : :
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I think of you and Princess Charlie every day.
I hope and pray that she will be all right. I am picturing you taking your sweet, healthy baby home soon.
Stay strong mama!
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We're still thinking and praying for sweet Charlie....
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I haven't been online and just saw this now. My thoughts and prayers are with you guys. Thanks for the update. I will keep this on my radar now.

Best wishes. btw Princess Charlie is a great name.
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Thinking of Princess Charlie every day. Prayers for the family...
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Still thinking, praying, & wishes you all wonderful thoughts, each and every day..
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: for Princess Charlie!
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Our thoughts & prayers are with your family.
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Thinking of you and your little one, Bandgeek.
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Still thinking of you.
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