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Bandgeek update - Page 3

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she's adorable!!

so glad you're improving, princess charlie!
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What a cutie-
So great that she is improving. Way to go Charlie!
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so cute!

good to hear she is moving in the right direction.
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oh my! Isn't she just the cutest little darling. I am so glad things are moving along in a positive direction. I loved seeing her pictures. She has a light about her.
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*cheers heartily* That's wonderful news! She's absolutely adorable!! Go, Charlie, go!!
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AWWWWWWW!! How cute!!
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she's adorable. : thanks for sharing the good news.
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Any new updates? I keep sending lots of love!
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Originally Posted by lactivist View Post
Any new updates? I keep sending lots of love!

Bandgeek has heard Princess Charlie swallow a couple of times recently!! Also, her best finger sucking has been at 13 sucks. Woo-hoo!

She can go home once she handles her secretions well - which is not yet. She has to be suctioned hourly - that's just not possible in a home environment with another older child as well as a 'normal' household activity level. . .

so continued prayers appreciated! She's doing awesomely, though!

She's also been more alert for 3 hour stretches!!!

She's really progressing so much in the last week, it's just phenomenal!

I'm sorry I didn't update this thread - I have been distracted lately.

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Oh please don't apologize. Thanks so much for letting us know. All those improvements sound so encouraging. I can't wait until she gets to go home where she belongs. I continue to pray and send love every day.
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wonderful news!!!! i hope it continues in that direction and that she gets to go home soon!!!!
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Such good news! Praying she's home in her momma's arms soon!
Thanks for the updates!

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Hoping for more good news, and that she is home soon!
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Prayers going out!! Sounds like she is doing better and better with time. I can't wait to hear she is coming home!
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Thank you so much for the update!! I hope we all get to hear very soon that Princess Charlie is at home with her family and continuing to do well.
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Guess what?!!!

Princess Charlie is projected to go home on MONDAY!!! Yep, as in this coming Monday!!! Bandgeek is excited and freaked at the same time. She's getting her home set up to have all sorts of special stuff - suction machine and feeding machine primarily. . .

Isn't this just the coolest?!!!!

So prayers appreciated that this transition goes well for all!

I'm sure you can imagine all that's going thru Bandgeek's mind and heart now.

Oh and she has to get infant training, cpr, as well as how to use all the machines herself because she's going to be on her own.

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WOW! Awesome news!!!! : that the transition goes well! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Many s
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How wonderful/exciting/scary! Sending smooth transition vibes
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*cheers heartily* What fabulous news! I hope everything goes well! *does a happy dance*
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Wow! What a great update.

I do hope it is a smooth transition and that it is not too hard for her to be on her own at home. Even in the best of circumstances bringing a baby into a home is a transition.
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