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Oh my goodness, she is the most beautiful baby!
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that is wonderful news!! I am praying and I hope to hear more great news soon. Bandgeek my thoughts are with you I know how scary it can be at first but you will do great!
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just saw the update.............. Incredible.. I hope mama and baby are cuddling as I type...
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Hooray! Prayers for everybody.

Occupational Therapy is upper body therapy
Physical Therapy is lower body therapy

(I always thought it had to do with gross and fine motor.)

We asked this same question this summer when we had a OT & PT coming to our house 3x a week for DH's recovery this summer.
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great news! i hope all is well at home and that the family is adjusting to everything well!!!
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Yay Princess Charlie!!!!
I hope you're home and doing well!
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Hope Princess CHarlie is at home and all is going well.
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How's everything going? Hope everyone is getting used to being home together!
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Another momma here hoping you are home and doing well.
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Originally Posted by happyfrog View Post
Guess what?!!!

Princess Charlie is projected to go home on MONDAY!!! Yep, as in this coming Monday!!! Bandgeek is excited and freaked at the same time. She's getting her home set up to have all sorts of special stuff - suction machine and feeding machine primarily. . .

Isn't this just the coolest?!!!!

So prayers appreciated that this transition goes well for all!

I'm sure you can imagine all that's going thru Bandgeek's mind and heart now.

Oh and she has to get infant training, cpr, as well as how to use all the machines herself because she's going to be on her own.

Is she also accessing early intervention? It can be a huge help.
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