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May 2003 Mommies

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Hi everyone! Just thought I'd check in on you all. How are you doing? How is your little one doing? How are they sleeping? What are they doing developmentally?

Eli and I are doing well. He recently began sleeping from 9-3:30 each night--a big change from his every 2 hour waking/eating ritual. He is smiling and cooing TONS. He hasn't started to roll over yet or to even indicate he is ready to that. He is starting to reach for things but only slightly (and only sometimes). The only downer is that he won't take a bottle. But we are working on that a little bit each day.

Hope you all are doing well!!!
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hi Rebekah & Eli~
wow, just happened to be on line today, & here you are with this thread, cool! Even tho I'm not technically a May mama, I can't resist! Eli sounds great, that's a lot of sleep he's getting. Griffin sleeps a little too well for us right now, I really need to pump if he doesn;t eat every 2-3 hrs & it's hard to get myslef out of bed! Tonight I nursed him down in the bed & he's sleepng with DH right now while I get a little alone time. We stay in bed as late in the morning as possible, like 9 or 10am just nursing & napping before we start our day!

We are still busy battling to bring my milk supply up, but it does seem to be getting better & Griffin is doing great! I get lots of smiles & happy faces, but we have some fussing times, too! The poor guy seems to get awful gas pains & we have finally broke down & got the mylicon drops a friend told us about, seems to help a little & at least we are trying everything!

No rolling over yet, but sometimes on the changing table he gets his head rolling back & forth (looks like an impersonation of Ray Charles) & I wonder if he isnt trying to get some momentum worked up! Very cute! He hates to be laid down on his activity mat, even when I am right there with him. He really likes to play in his bouncy seat, something I wasn't even sure I wanted. But he loves to reachout & bat at little orange & red bug we hung in front of him & look at himslef in the mirror. Plus I can sit there @ the table with him & get the bills paid!

We are trying to figure out how to help him with his head & neck control. "Tummy time" is sort of out since, again he hates to be laid down alone. He loves to be held up & looking over your shoulder, so the best I've been able to figure out is me or DH holds him& then lays down on our back, so he is on his tummy on us & hopefully he will get more practice holding his head up! ANy other ideas?

Also, how did your 8-9 week olds like their slings? DS was cool with it a few weeks age, but has been protesting lately. He doesn;t like to be down in the sling, wants to see out, but again, doesn't have enough head control for me to feel he is really safe in a sitting up/forward position. We are using a Maya & a OTSBH. I just got a new mesh pouch I haven;t tried yet, maybe he will be able to see thru it & like that?

take care all, looking forward to hearing about your babies!
blessings, Maria
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Hi Maria!! Eli still likes his sling--which is great bcse it is the main way that ds gets him to sleep. We only put him in there when he is tired. otherwise, we keep him in bjorn facing out. he likes to look around just like Griffin. I think i'll get an ergo bcse he already seems to big for bjorn--bjorns aren't cd friendly!!
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Hi, all. Glad to see the May babies are doing well.

Maggie is ever-evolving, growing and changing each day. She is now sleeping 4-5 hours at night, although she recently went through a growth spurt (maybe) where she would sleep 4 hours then wake up to eat every hour afterward. Everyone keeps asking me if she is sleeping through the night. They don't understand that it doesn't bother me.... Especially since she has never wanted to stay awake when she wakes up to eat. She doesn't usually even open her eyes.

She is very strong. She has been holding her head up (90 degrees) when on her belly for over a month. But she was holding her head up pretty much from birth; she must just have strong neck muscles! She loves bearing her own weight on her legs and gets when we don't let her. Her new goal is sitting up. Whenever she is in her carseat or swing, she tries to sit straight up. If we put her down on a blanket, we never know where she is going to end up because she likes to scoot all around-she rolled over before 7 weeks but luckily hasn't figured out how to do it again. So she is definitely strong.

She is not, however, interested in swatting at things. Shows no interest at all. I can't wait till she does that.

She is VERY nosy, and has gotten to the stage where she often stops nursing to look around. Not fabulous when I am getting ready to pass her off to DH so I can go to work part-time. Otherwise, her amazing alertness is great.

Maggie was diagnosed earlier this week with reflux. We decided to go ahead with the tests because she has a terrible cough (actually since birth) and wheezes, which we decided we could not take chances with, since asthma and reflux are linked in infants. She also has tracheomalacia, which just means her trachea isn't actually mature yet. Nothing too serious, but I may be cutting out dairy to see if it helps the reflux to try to avoid meds.
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Everyone keeps asking me if she is sleeping through the night. They don't understand that it doesn't bother me.... Especially since she has never wanted to stay awake when she wakes up to eat. She doesn't usually even open her eyes.
hi Maggies mom~ I am so with you on this! People seem to fixated on sleeping! my response is, that he's sleeping too good! If he sleeps over 3hrs, I have to get up & pump to keep my supply up! People just don't get it!

sorry to hear about your babe's reflux~ how did they make the diagnosis? Griffin has some wicked crying jags while he's trying to eat, not every day. Has never thrown up, but makes really loud swallow noises like belchy hiccups & swallows. Sometimes I wonder...

take care all, can't wait to hear more!
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Maggie had an Upper GI and an airway study to diagnose her reflux. The gold standard is actually a test where a small tube is put down the nose and left in place for 24 hours to measure the acid- she didn't have that.

Most doctors usually just prescribe Prilosec or Zantac and see if the situation gets better rather than doing any actual testing. We couldn't really do that with Maggie because she has had, since birth, a terrible barking cough and a wheeze. We had to rule out asthma and other serious airway problems. As a metter of fact, her ped wants her to see a ped pulmonologist to keep an eye on the tracheomalacia in case she does NOT outgrow it.

Doctors are now thinking that somewhere around 30% or babies has reflux to some extent because of immature digestive systems. Many recommend not medicating unless the baby seems to be in pain.

Here is a site with more info about pediatric reflux www.reflux.org

Hope Griffin doesn't have it!
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thanks for the link, it's great! it must have been so hard to see her going thru the tests, you are strong! But she is gaining so good, what a healthy growin babe!

We had low weight gain, but as of today @ Griffins 2 mo appt, he is now 9lbs 13oz, 23 in, gained 11 oz in 2 weeks. Dr is happy with that & says I can keep supplementing less, depending on my supply. (My goal is supplement only EBM, so tommorrow is going to be a big pumping day with DH home to take the baby all the time)

Started 2 vaxs today, just got DTAP & Hib. I only got the DTAP for the pertussis, wished I could have gotten a single valient shot but she didnt have 1. We waived the Prevnar, polio, & Hep B, might look into the Prevnar for later. Is anyone else considering/ picking & chosing vax, or no vax? How is it going for you?

looks like DS is finally winding down, hasn't been sleeping as easy @ nite lately, we used to stay in bed 10p -10a just sleeping & nursing. Well, everything changes, huh!

take care all, m
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Not wanting to highjack this thread, but I did want to add another reflux link for SpiralWoman, in case there is still interest.


Maggie will be starting Zantac next week (a little ) but after much research and a long discussion with her ped, we feel it is necessary because she also has tracheomalacia. The combination of the too is a little rare and could cause some problems.

Luckily, although the reflux is significant, it is not severe and the effects are not severe for her either. Hopefully she will outgrow it in a few months.
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Hi may mommas

Ollie is doing good he's getting so big it's crazy he weighs 13lbs and is such a cute little chub. He holds his head up really well and has since his first week. He 'talks' to us all the time and is mostly a smiley happy guy. I think he generally sleeps 4-6 hours for his first stretch at night then probably 2-3 hour stretches till we get up in the morning.

We had an MRI yesterday to look at the mass in his leg it was really hard. He had to be sedated and have an IV I was so pissed it took them 40 minutes and 3 different spots before they got it started even though he was sedated at the time he was still crying it had to have hurt so bad to wake him through sedation my porr baby. I really hope this is the last test we have to do I hate all this I know we have to figure this out but its against every instinct I have to let them hurt my baby. I know its their job *sigh* Of course we had to have this done on a Friday so we have the joy of the whole weekend to worry about results.

Maggiesmom- I'm sorry to hear about the reflux it really sucks to have a hurting baby. Hopefully the zantac will work for you guys

Spiralwoman- You'll always be a may mom to me for the sling I usually wear Ollie tummy to tummy so if he's awake he can see out and look around but it's still comfy for him if he falls asleep since I just tuck his head in. I use a Mayawrap and a Mom and me creations adjustable pouch.

Rebeka-Sounds like Eli is doing wonderful congrats on getting a longer sleep stretch

question- Anyone dealing with postpartum depression? These last couple of weeks have been really hard for me. I feel so out of control? Angry and sad and just a mess. I hate feeling like this. I just want to be enjoying my kids and all I want is everyone to stop touching me. This really sucks
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Janessa- I have been wondering how Ollie was. I am SO sorry you had to go through watching him have those tests. ( I take blood as part of my job, and I hate doing it on kids. But I never, ever stick a kid more than once.) I made myself sick over Maggie's tests, and they were not nearly as difficult at what poor little Ollie had to go through. I made DH go in with her because I knew she would be MAD and I wouldn't be able to comfort her. But to have to have an IV, which is something I have never even had, well, that just must have been hard. You are brave!

I really hope you get good news next week when you get the results. I was hoping that thing would just go away like my friends did.
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hi Janessa~
it sounds like you & Ollie are holding up pretty well with all you are going thru. Poor guy! You are so strong doing what's best for him.

As far as PPD, I can't say I have it, but I feel like I've climbed a million miles up & down hill in the last 2 months. I think the stress of a newborn is one thing, the stress of a medical crisis is another & put them together, how do you have the reserves to take care of yourself emotionally? You just do the best you can & ask for help whenever you need it, whatever it is!

I will be thinking the best positive outcomes for you all & I know this weekend will be a long one for you!

blessings, Maria
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Hi there,
Good to hear from some of the May mamas.

Sorry you are going through such a rough time, Janessa. You should check out the PPD forum. I went through a rough patch early on & found a checklist that gives you an idea where you stand (of course I can't find the link now, sorry). Hope you have some news soon & can get on with dealing with the results of the MRI. Waiting is so hard .

MaggiesMom - at least you know what the problem is now & you can start taking care of it. After reading some other threads I wonder if ds might have silent reflux, but then again, he might just not like comfort nursing & be wanting a soother.

Daniel is doing so well, I feel almost guilty sometimes that he is so easy. He is probably about 13 lbs now as well & strong! I wish I could attach a picture because he is sooo cute . He doesn't ever want to sit down - always standing or straddling a leg to look around. He has always had good head control, but I think holding & carrying him a lot of the time helps too. Nursing is getting better, but he still doesn't have a very good latch. Luckily he only nurses for 5-10 minutes at a time, so the discomfort doesn't last too long. I can't believe how well he sleeps most nights - usually 5-6 hours to start, but he has gone 7 once & 8 once! BTW, don't they consider 5 hours straight sleeping through the night? If so, you can tell them she is, MM. Anyway, Daniel doesn't usually nurse to sleep. This is totally the opposite of what dd did. That was the only way she would go to sleep (other than in the car) for the first couple of years!! He will nurse, then fuss a bit, have a burp & either fall asleep on my shoulder or start dozing a bit & I'll put him down. Even if I put him down wide awake, like tonight, he will kick & look around a bit & then go to sleep .
He loves to lie under the activity links & bat at the rattles. He is really good at it & knows exactly what he's doing. Only problem is he squirms himself too far away to reach them sometimes : . He hasn't rolled over yet, but he did roll back to side a couple of times a few weeks ago. He also hates tummy time, but not like dd - she would scream like crazy. He just fusses a bit & sometimes cries. One time he got sucking on his hand & fell asleep . He does suck on his hands a lot & also drools a lot more than dd did. I keep wondering if he's starting teething since dd had her first tooth before she was 4 months. He sometimes bites down on my nipple with his gums as he's pulling off - that hurts enough without teeth .
Dh gets home tomorrow from four days away & I'm planning on going out for a couple of hours ALONE!! He has been travelling a fair bit since ds was born & that was part of the PPD thing. I actually managed pretty well when he was gone, but had huge expectations of how things should be when he was here & the reality just didn't measure up. I still have some bad times, but I'm trying not to take it out on him as that just makes it worse.
Anyway, I'm rambling now. I should get to bed.
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Originally posted by SpiralWoman

As far as PPD, I can't say I have it, but I feel like I've climbed a million miles up & down hill in the last 2 months. I think the stress of a newborn is one thing, the stress of a medical crisis is another & put them together, how do you have the reserves to take care of yourself emotionally? You just do the best you can & ask for help whenever you need it, whatever it is!
Thank you Maria I needed to hear that. I'm just so scared to be depressed again, after I had my dd I was in a really bad place and am very scared of ending up back there. I think alot of my problems this time is just no sleep and a heck of alot of stress. I'm hoping come Monday most of the stress will be gone and the rest will fall in place.
mama2nicola-I have been over to the PPD forum but am not good about jumping in I feel safer talking with you wonderful gals I am reading over there though looking for some tips and not feeling so alone if that makes sense.
Maggiesmom-I was crying when they were poking him but at least I was there and could touch and talk to him, I doubt he noticed but it makes me feel better that I was there. I guess he had really little veins hiding in all his lovely rolly pollyness.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts you all are a wonderful source of strenth
Take care
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whiny vent

Well the MRI results are back and the only thing they told us was that it's not a hemangioma. This just blows it means more freaking needles more doctors. I'm so down I was so sure the MRI would be it, it would show hemangioma and we'd have nothing more to worry about. I hate this I don't want them hurting my baby anymore. Now we have to meet with a surgeon and figure out the next step. More then likely a biopsy. Half of me wishes I had never noticed this stupid mass then I'd get to enjoy Ollie and not deal with this. I know its good we found it and are figuring out what it is but it just sucks

Thanks for listening to me whine, I need to get that out of my system.

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Im praying for you all ~
love, maria
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Janessa, please keep us posted... I have been thinking about you and Ollie so much lately, I hope you get some answers soon so that you can go back to enjoying your baby.

As far as PPD... hmmmm. I honestly have no idea if I have it... we have just had so much to deal with that I think a lot of how I am feeling is related to that. The last few years have been so surreal... I can function just fine, but when I actually think of everything that we have gone through it really makes me sad. There was only 14 months between Xiola's birth and Ezra's, so aside from my being physically exausted, we were still very much processing our grief from the loss of our daughter. The first few weeks were especially intense, ds looked *so much* like his sister. I was feeling pretty frazzled then, but I figured that I did'nt have PPD, simply because even when I was feeling my worst, Mike and I could still make each other laugh, and I have read about mamas with PPD who could not get out of bed. Maybe my 'definition' of PPD is faulty?

After Xiola's birth, I was horribly depressed... but I don't know if there is any way that I could determine how much of that (if any) was PPD and how much of that was the very real consequence of losing my child at birth... but then, I could barely feed myself, let alone function in any other capacity.

It's hard, because the first few weeks are such a period of adjustment... and then to have other things on top of that to worry about... Janessa, I think that you are handling the stress as well as anyone could, certainly better then I would. Please take care of yourself so you can take care of your babies. This is definitely the time to get help from anyone who will give it, so you can save your energy for Ollie and Shiah.

I am sooo tired (just now starting to get enough sleep to feel somewhat human), we had supply problems early on and just as we started to catch up from that, I had to go back to work at 6 weeks. My job is okay (with fantastic benes, and Ezra comes in to nurse 3x a day) but I would rather be home with him, but the economy is so tight here still that there are literally *no* jobs in Mike's line of work. I should be happy that we have enough money to feed ourselves, have a nice apartment, good health insurance, and one of us home with the baby... I just wish it could be *me* at home. And it's hard. Especially when he cries when my break is over and he has to go but he wants to stay with me. That is enough to make me want to crawl under my desk and stay there.

Oh, but the smiles... that's what we've been waiting for, and it really does make it all worth it. Ezra is really holding up his head now, and loves to look at the crazy baby in the mirror! He bounces up and down when he gets excited about something, and is starting to laugh and make all sorts of really great sounds. Tummy time used to make him mad, but now he kicks his legs and seems to understand that with a little more practice, he could actually transport himself that way. Oh, and our guilty baby pleasure? The F-P Aquarium Bouncy Seat! It takes 4 D-cell batteries, but it is the only way we can really put him down to make dinner or go to the bathroom. He used to hate it with a passion, but now he allows himself to be amused by the bubbles and fishies for 15-20 minutes at a time before he yells to let us know he is done.

And yes, Maria... you will always be a May Mama to me


PS~sorry this is so disjointed, but I do not have the brain cells left to make a coherent edit
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I just spent 20 mins replying to all of you individually and lost it because I hit a "clear all" button I didn't even know this keyboard had. So I'll make this one short.

I had terrible PPD with #1 and after having #2 I realized I had only had 40 min stretches of sleep for the first 3 months with DS, enough to make anyone nuts. Feel free anyone to PM me about it if you want as I find the PPD boards depressing myself.

Iris is doing great! She is probably 12lbs now we haven't weighed her since early July so I'm not sure. She is the complete oppisite of her brother for sleeping she will sleep at least one 6 hour stretch every night, something that I never believed an infant could do until I had her. She is however exactly like her brother in activity level. She is mins away from rolling over she rolls from back to side all the time to get at toys on her activity mat. She wants someone to hold her up so she can stand and bounce ALL the time, oh my aching shoulders! She also hates all the sweet cradling baby poses she wants to be held facing forward so she can see all the action.
A great quote from my Grandmother the other day while holding Iris "I know I ordered a little girl but I wanted a nice, fat, lazy, little girl you can just lay down and watch coo for hours" and then she laughs.

I'm going before I erase this post too. I hope things start to look up for folks soon, My mom has had some positive Doc's visits recently so we think she should come through the cancer fine.

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So sorry you didn't get any definitive answers. It must be very frustrating and sad for you. It has to be 1000x harder than what we dealt with and I am so, so sorry your family is going through this. I was really hoping you would get better news.

Keep us posted on Ollie's well-being.
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whew! you guys, we all have so much goiing on!

XM~ it is so good to hear from you & Anna, me too, just had a reply here & it never posted, so hard to try to recreate! I'm glad you are getting positive news about your mother's cancer. My Aunt is having a lumpectomy on the 13th, they hope it hasn't gone to the lymph. Tiny lump.

So, that's not about my baby, so I guess a little off topic. But I was thinking how hard it is to keep up with everything. I really want to chat it up with everyone, but no time to go back thru & remember. So I thought we could try to start a prayer/meditation request list if you are interested for us. I put it in 'FInding Your Tribe" (under the Welcome heading) it's called "Maymamas prayer/meditation Prayer/meditation requests" if you are interested, ck it out.

gotta run
much , Maria
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Maggies Mom-

Thanks for all those links!
I had to check them since we have had some symptons with Iris since birth that may or may not be allergy related. Dh looked up the main symptons in the Sears baby book and thought it might be GER but we never looked into it with her Ped.

We know for sure she can't tollerate me having any dairy, huge burning diaper rash and screaming everytime she goes poop . She also has gagged and choked very easily since birth. Sometimes just opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue to nurse will make her do it. Also when she is filling up for a long sleep and is kinda fussy I'll pick her up, burp her, and when I lay her down to nurse again she will scream and strain and when I try to rub her tummy to calm her down it's rock hard.

Do you know if these are things we should disscuss with her Ped? I think the poop and scream thing was so hard for us that the other symptons never seemed as awfull even though she is still doing them.

Janessa- Is there any Md you've found that you are comfortable with? I know you had troubles with a stand in Ped one visit. Is there another office you can look into or speacialist that might be more understanding. You have an amazing amount of strength to be doing what you're doing right now, I'm always impressed by how positive your posts are. I hope this is over for you all very soon.

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