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Thanks for your information. I believe that the main risk for stillbirth insulin-dependant and high blood sugar swings. If your blood sugar is perfectly controlled with strict dietary guidlines and lots of exercise, I think your risk for stillbirth is minimal at least up to 40 weeks. I have been induced twice at 38 weeks and once at 38 1/2 weeks and I really dont want to be induced by doctor before 40 weeks ever again unless something is medically wrong.
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Only on the topic of insulin resistance or prediabetes -- Syndrome X or Metabolic Syndrome. Endocrine problems are all related and 1 imbalance means other things are also out of balance. There might be a natural cure after pregnancy to corrrect the imbalances if you can determine what the main culprit is -- for me it's my thyroid, technically blood levels of a border line hypothyroidism, but symptoms of full hypothyroidism and now some signs of blood sugar problems.

On the topic of stillborn... Ask a midwife was my suggestion, I did note Pam responded. I do know my first mw lost a 43 week baby just before my dd arrived. The mother did have GD.

Research it as best you can and make an informed decision. Natural herbal induction with the assistance of a midwife trained in the use of herbs might be a better alternative to artifical induction with synthetic drugs. Stay clear of off label drugs used for induction (Baby Story started out with one of those the other day, I changed the channell ASAP).
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I'm sorry if I was not clear in my previous long-winded novel, but I was NOT borderline Type II prior to pregnancy. NOW I'm borderline. Repeat for clarity: before DS #1, not borderline. DS#1=GD. Post DS#1=borderline.
What kind of test ruled out borderline Type II prepregnancy for you? Was it a fasting check, a GTT, or regular fasting and postprandial checks?
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