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I was vaccinated as a child. But last year i caught rubella.. my guess is actually from one of the newly vaccinated toddlers i was watching. I can't seem to remember if if you can only get it once or more? Should i worry about during this pregnancy?
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I would think you would be ok since you just had it again and should have antibodies to it?
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You should have antibodies if you had the disease. Your care provider will do bloodwork and that'll show up.

After my bloodwork two years ago my midwife kept asking me if I'd had rubella (from what I've heard, I'd remember it). I kept answering no. Apparently I'm freakish and have 8 times the normal immunity to rubella - some folks who've actually had rubella don't have that kind of immunity from what she said. So anyway, I think you'll be fine.
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if it was confirmed that you had rubella, you should be fine
you should have plenty of antibodies and be immune
if it was not confirmed, I'd still have your titers checked
most women are immune when they get titers drawn during their first OB or midwife visit, so that's good
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