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So yes, sometimes hearing, "We're hungry, what can we eat" is enough to send me screaming from the room pulling out my hair by the fistfuls. [/QUOTE]

Phew. So glad you covered that whole senerio so I don't have to.:
That's how it is around here, but I have FOUR kids who pull this crap-and then their friends do too. I can't breath at snack time and dread it. But I always feed whoever is here. It makes me feel good.
Another thing I secretly dread is when snack at our house is cookies and milk, and a school friend has stopped over who is vegan.......
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I've fed so many children here, really, I've never thought about it. I only made it a point that my daughter would come over when people have dinner or lunch time and not invite herself.
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I hate to be hear the kids ask for anything...also I don;t give me kids a lot of junk...so they go to the neighbors get hopped up on candy and soda then act like demons here...so I don't like it
Plus I hate when other peoples kids ask for food here cause they end up thinking its weird that my kids eat veggies or wheat pasta or etc.
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If kids are at our house playing with my kids...ofcourse they are going to ask for food. Like PPs said ...they get hungry and besides...many times they think it is neat to eat at other houses because the food is different. If I don't happen to have any food in the house...i just tell the kids. I never give it a moments thought. Some kids are so at home , they go in the fridge. It did not even occur to me that this was tacky until some other parents mentioned it to me
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