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1st postpartem sex

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So, craziness occurred. We are using lactational amenorrhea for the first 6 months, but wanted some kind of backup (just in case). I refuse to go on bcp again, so we ultimately decided to go with spermicide.

Here is my warning: This is my first time ever using spermicide. I got spermicidal foam and while attempting to fill the applicator, lost hold. The applicator shot off the container hitting the ceiling and spewing floral foam everywhere, in my hair, 6 feet away on the couch . . . everywhere! Dh and I just started laughing hysterically and in the process woke up dd. So yeah, sex after having kids is definitely going to be an adventure.
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oh that's awesome.. But, did it kill the mood....... Yes, it gets better, especially when they can walk, and say wake up from their nap and walk in on you...
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What a story!!! Thank you for sharing it! lol
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: Thanks for the words of warning!
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: i hope things improved from there at least!
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I am having an awful day.....and it's not even 1pm yet...

That story just made me laugh so hard that dd started laughing (she has not been a bucket of fun today) and it MADE my day....we are all a bit better now bc I laughed so hard.....

I did that once many years ago with my diaphram.....it went flying.....almost landed on the cat.....

Thanks for the warning.........
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Oh my! Now that is a visual! I used to call my diaphragm "the frisbee" because it often would be seen shooting across the room.
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