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ok what can we make for lunch for mommy and 2 toddlers?
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PB & J is becomeing the usual around here
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Our favorite thing lately is pasta any way. Usually fun small shapes. I use a very small pot and make one day worth because it's so easy and I hate cleaning giant pots! Boil and salt water, throw in a handful of pasta, cook and drain reserving a little water. Put pasta in a bowl, put some butter, grated parm or (we use pecorino) and a little reserved pasta water to make a sort of sauce.

Oh, about two minutes before you drain, I throw in a few big pieces of fresh brocolli, then cook the last two minutes and drain all together.
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We do a lot of quesadillas, sandwiches, pasta, soup, paninis.
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tortellini soup (toddler eats the tortellini and spinach, no broth)
gorditas (my current obsession
tuna salad
hummus with pita/carrots
refried beans (my child's favorite)
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thanks for the ideas- im trying to stop resorting to pb and j and grilled cheese keep giving me ideas!
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My kids love grilled cheese, any kind of pasta, pb sandwiches, ham and cheese roll ups, quesadillas, pancakes, and scrambled eggs
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