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How hard are cables?

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I love love love this! But of course it is about #10 in my fall winter project list and I really really can't buy any more yarn until I hammer out my projects- but really- how hard would this sweater be?


I showed it to Dh and he was like ohlala! Haha!

I also like this one-

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Cables are really easy, IMO - especially the ones you've got there. They take a smidge of getting used to, but are so much fun.

If you want to practice, just take the cable pattern and try it on a scarf to make sure you like it first.

The second pattern is a bit more complicated, but the cables themselves aren't any harder.
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Cables are really easy. Basically, you're knitting along, you come to where you want your cable, slip the next 2 stitches onto a cable needle, knit 2 as normal, then go back and knit the 2 stitches you just slipped. Simple. You're basically just knitting stitches out of order.

That sweater is really cute.

peace, Beth
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Why don't you just do a cable RIGHT NOW on a swatch and stop worrying about it- you will know just how "hard it is in about 5 minutes.

You don't even need a cable needle- you can do it with a DPN

(ssshhh... the secret is that they are VERY easy but look so hard)
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I agree, they are easy even though they look hard. I agree with trying one out on on a swatch.
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Better still, teach yourself how to cable without a needle.
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Cables are super-easy.
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not hard at all - you can do it!
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I've been knitting for a while. Cables completely intimidated me. I just did a cabled hat for ds and I feel so silly for having waited so long.
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That second pattern is super sexy. . . .but there's no way I'm wearing a strapless bra in the next 10 years, so I guess that pattern style is out.

Cables are easy, and i love those patterns!
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Cables are much easier than the final twisty result suggests. Also, for what it's worth, I really like Debbie Bliss patterns. I usually find her directions straightforward, and I almost always learn some little finessing move. Her patterns are about the little details.

My first sweater had a bunch of cables on it. I would have been intimidated, but I was 14 so I refused to be intimidated, and it turned out it wasn't so hard once I learned to read the chart. Jump in!
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wow it's funny how you think of something then the next day someone has already asked your question

I have learned how to do all sorts of fancy stitch patterns but for some reason have been nervous about cables. My grandma, who is a longtime knitter, has looked at my work sand praised me for learning more complex techniques and said cables are easy and no problem.

Now I think I have the confidence to actually try them

thanks everyone
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Originally Posted by flapjack View Post
Better still, teach yourself how to cable without a needle.
Ok Helen, you can't just throw that out there without explaining it to us newbies who are intimidated by cables!!!

IF they aren't on a needle, what are they doing?
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That sweater is gorgeous!!!
btw, I have never used a cable needle, I always stick them on a diaper pin!
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I found this tutorial about knitting cables without a cable needle. I may have to try it

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Dur. I can't believe I never thought of that. :

Even WITH using cable needles, etc. they are SO simple.
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That sweater is BEAUTIFUL.
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