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Would you let them do a story on your accidental UC?

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When my husband called the paper for dd's birth announcement, they were intrigued by the circumstances~ an accidental UC while waiting for the Mw to arrive for a homebirth. Dh told them a little bit about why it's safer to have them home & they want to do a story on us.

I'm apprehensive because this is a small town and very conservative. A few people I've told about the birth that didn't know our plans in advance were completely shocked. Completely, like gasping for air & whatnot. It seems like we should do it, just to open some people up to the idea... but I have a feeling we'd have a lot of criticism for it, it scares some folks to hear this and I've already heard that I put my baby at risk, on &on.
Would it be homebirth advocacy or just an invasion of our privacy? I guess that would depend on the spin they put on it.
What would you do?
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I'm not sure what I would do in your situation. It could go either way. It could be a great education for some but could also expose you. Maybe if you could get final approval for the article you could have some control over its content?
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I would definitely let them do it! I like to open people's eyes to new things even if it is shocking to them. Plus I'm the kind of person that doesn't care what others think, if I believe in my choices I have nothing to hide! (I also live in a small town, so I see where you're coming from) I say go for it!
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We actually were interviewed after the home waterbirth of our dd, that was back in Ireland. The article was really informative and mostly supportive of homebirth, but it very much depends on the slant the reporter puts on it. I would say talk to them more and get a feel for the angle they are looking for before you agree, then reserve the right to pull your details out if the finished article doesn't ruly reflect your opinions.
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I would ask for final approval too.....just so you could ok it and see the spin put on it!!
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personally, no. i hate attention, and i really hate any kind of shock or negative questioning type attention. so, i would NOT be ok with people asking me a million " was that a good idea" type of questions. but that is just me

i do think that it would be cool to get homebirths more attention in the media though!!

one other thought, be careful putting birth announcements in papers. we do NOTHING to draw attention to the fact that we have a new baby in the home. not even balloons or anything. too many people have access to that kind of information for my comfort level.
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I tell absolutely anyone and everyone who will listen about my homebirth. I am proud of our decision to trust in my body and the birth process. I would not be comfortable having an article published in the local paper about my dd's birth.
I assume they think your birth experience is a news story because you didn't plan for your baby to be born without medical assistance. Kind of like the woman who gives birth in the car on the way to the hospital. Would it be a story if your midwife had made it in time? Would it be a story if you had planned it? I tend to think the article would be more an invasion of your privacy.
On the other hand, if you could convince them to write an article on homebirth in general and they interviewed midwives and other couples who had homebirths and you would be one of the people interviewed then it would be advocacy. Does that make sense? Just my personal feelings.
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That is a iffy situation. There is such a stigma attached to an accidental UC. But when you say you did not mind then they think your crazy. I often feel teh woman who birth in the car or somewhere else accidently are lucky. they do not see it that way, bu they are. Rarely does mama or babe have an issue and it really should not be newsworthy because it is normal.
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Not in your DDC but I wanted to response. I think it would be a great opportunity to educate people and take their fears. It would depend on how the article is written. I would do it only if they bring in experts and facts that show how safe a homebirth really is.
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Hey, thanks for all of the replies. I'm not sure what we'll do. We never called them back & they left a message on our answering machine again. They probably won't interview midwives, we're in IL and they're not legal/licensed here. This newspaper has the rep as a gossip rag so I'm really hesitant. Getting final say in whether or not it prints is the only way we'd do it...but it still feels like an invasion of privacy. I just want people to know about homebirth so bad! I wish they'd do it but keep our identities hidden.
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