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jackson is here! 41w2d 10 lbs 22 in

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Just wanted to let you know that Jackson was born at 8:13 am today after 5 hrs and 45minutes of labor, 1 h 1nd 10 of it pushing. He is my fourth child, my biggest baby, and was my hardest delivery. I didnt tear badly, the same 2 stitches worth I always need, and I have a first degree scratch from where my midwife had to dislodge his shoulders while I pushed his body out. I will ahve some pictures up after I get some rest today.

Thomas Jackson Gage H******
10 lbs, 22 inches long
14 1/2 cm head circumference
15 cm chest circumference

Born at home in a birthing pool with midwife, doula, 2 big sisters, grandma, and dad in attendance!
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Woo-hoo! Congratulations! What a big boy! Can't wait for the pics!
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I gotta say...this girl rocked the birth scene in a big way! It may have been her hardest labor yet but she did what needed to be done and pushed a big, beautiful boy into the world!

I was honored to have been there, mama. You amaze me! Rest up, enjoy your babymoon, and remember...ice is your friend

Welcome to the world baby Jack-un, I'll see you in a few days.

I'll post some pics to this thread when I get some uploaded, k?

ETA: pictures!!
Here are a few favs I took...
The bellycast we did hours before active labor kicked in

Smiling after a contraction

Massaging mama

baby Jack

My personal fav
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Congratulations! Welcome Jackson!
Happy babymoon. I posted in the announcements.
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Wow, what a big boy!! He is just beautiful!!

Congrats Mama! And welcome baby Jackson!!
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Congratulations! Welcome baby!
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It's about time!! Congratulations!!! How are you feeling, mama??
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I love the picture w/ your daughter massaging you.
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yay! congrats! your big boy is almost twice the weight of my little girl and we were both 41 and a bit weeks!
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Yay! Congrats, mama! Way to go!
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congratulations frelle, welcome to Jackson.
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That's a big baby! Congratulations!
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Wow.... congrats, mamma!! I love it when babies are born with double chins!! Too cute!!

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Awesome mama! Congratulations on your big baby Jackson!!!
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