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Originally Posted by DoubleLove View Post
We have 30 pocket dipes for our 13 month olds and wash about every 2.5 days or so.

oh, and I've finally decided snaps are better than velcro style for several reasons... easier to launder, you don't have to keep reminding anyone helping with diapering to make sure the velcro is perfectly adhered to the laundry tabs, no lint collecting in the velcro, no accidental rubbing on babies delicate tummy or thighs...

Good for you for choosing CD's! It really isn't hard at all once you get into the routine.
I just picked up mine Saturday and I got 28 to start with for my 16 month olds. And I agree I like the snap way better than the velcro/aplix too. And yet again, it is easy once you get the hang of it! The hardest part for me was figuring out which diaper and what combo works best for my girls. I didn't try any prefolds as that didn't appeal to me at all, but I did try the fitted and the pocket CD's. It didn't take me long at all to get the washing routine down pat!
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yeah, it really doesn't matter what you choose as long as it's easy for YOU!

for me it's pfs and covers, for others it's fitteds, etc etc.
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Originally Posted by YumaDoula View Post
I didn't CD my twins, but I am CD'ing a newborn and we have 9 covers -- totally not enough for me to learn pf.
I have a friend who washes her dipes with her clothes. While I prefer to wash most of my dipes separately, covers don't need as intense a washing as the dipes themselves (usually). Maybe this could help you make your nine covers stretch farther.
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my twins are 8 wks. we use fleece pocket dipes stuffed with infant prefolds and washcloths for more absorbency...and prefolds in prorap covers when i know i want to change them soon (we're going out so i want to change right before we go, they're going to nap soon or i'm just at home and am able to change them each time they pee). i probably have 25-30 fuzzi bunz and 8 or so happy heinys and then a ton of prefolds that we use for everything.

we've done cloth from the beginning and i did it with my singleton son already - i wouldn't ever trade cloth for disposable. being able to have clean dipes available so easily and never having to go to the store and dish out so much $ for that yucky stuff. i actually enjoy cloth dipes but maybe i'm silly.

ignoring the naysayers now is good practice for after the babies arrive when there will be plenty more 'advice' to ignore!

best wishes.
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We had about 40-50 fitteds and prefolds plus 12-16 covers for the twins when they were newborn. Now we use 24 and about that many covers ( we only NEED like 4-5 each... they poop once a day and we change covers then ). Estimate 8-12 diapers per baby and 6 covers... or 8-12 aio/ai2s. After 6 weeks expect 4-8 per baby and 4-6 covers each. Nice thing is there isn't any extra laundry because one baby or two... they all fit in one load of laundry .
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