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Pocket Diaper Pattern?

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Is there anyone who sells a pattern for a pocket dipe? I can't sew but one of my friends has a sister who does. She liked the look of the Fuzzi Bunz that I gave her and wondered if her sister might be able to make something like it. So is there a pattern already out there or will she just have to experiment on her own? Thanks so much!
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She'll have to experiement- but any wrap or fitted pattern should work fine as long as it fits well.

Start with your two layers of choice. Attach the fasteners to the front of the outer layer. On the back of both layers do a small casing for elastic. Stitch the elastic. Now put them right sides together and sew from one end of the elastic to the other, doing what ever you need to do for the leg elastic (maybe do a casing, gusset, or sew it to the seam allowance). turn and then finish the fasteners on the tabs.
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Try this pattern and see how it works. It's free! I have used it, slightly modified the pattern to fit my boys better. But we like it. I use aplix instead of snaps.

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You can also use any good fitted pattern and just cut a slit in the back of the inner layer. If you use microfleece, you don't even have to finish the raw edges
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OR... You can have someone help you stretch out a diaper you like and trace it to make your own pattern. DONT do this if you plan on selling the diapers! LOL

I made my own diaper pattern. I have only made fitteds with it so far, but I plan to try a pocket diaper next. I have some pink pul for the outer and a black microfleece for the inner.
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