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Wren Victoria has arrived

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She was born on Sunday Oct 14th (41 weeks, 1 day) around 10:30 am, weighing in at a whopping 9 pounds 14 ounces:

The Story...

3 weeks prior I had been having contraxs and 2 full days of excitement and timing and thinking that "this is it" but everything fizzled. By 41 weeks, I had gotten quite down worrying about the pending hospital visit for a NST & U/S and maybe making some undesirable descions based on that visit. So I was absolutely elated to be woken up at 1:20 sunday morning to my water breaking! I remember this huge feeling of relief wash over me. I hadn't started contracting regularily at all and I just felt at peace.

We called the MW shortly afterward and she said (as we expected) to try and get some more rest. With a towel between my legs my DH and I tucked back in and tried to rest. Of course DD#2 crawled into our bed withing minutes as she usually does at that time in the morning. Thakfully, she went right to sleep. It didn't take long however for the contrax to start and within 45 mins I was leaving the bed phone the MW back.

Downstairs, my DH put some music on and turned the lights down while I just focussed on what my body was doing and tried to stay as calm and as peaceful as I could. It was amazing being so totally in the moment and yet so focused! By 5am, I told DH it was time to get help in for the girls and start making plans to go to the birth centre. I REALLY wanted to sit in the bathtub but didn't want to wake up DD#2 by having a bath at home. We arranged to meet the MW at 6 at the BC. We left shortly after my friend arrived for the girls, who had both woken up by this point.

I declined an exam when we arrived because all I wanted to do was feel some relief in the water. The contrax were intense but manageable and I just tried focusing through them trying to imagine my cervix opening and with each wave I imagined the muscles of my uterus gently easing baby down. It must have worked because I was 6 cm upon getting out of the tub and after a short time, half sitting and half squatting on the bed I felt my first TOTALLY involuntary urge to push. The midwife suggested I lie on my side because there was still a lip of cervix and I was between 8 and 9 cm. But I couldn't help it when the next few contrax came my body said "PUSH" so I went with it.

After a couple more pushes head was out. I was relieved and expected the babies body to slide on out but it took at least 2 more good pushes and a little gentle coaxing and our little girl was here. I think I only pushed 6 or seven times in total. She was placed on my tummy and within a minute or two I had her up on the breast...AMAZING...I was absolutely in awe of the whole experience! It was everything I had hoped for and I had this beautiful baby lying on my tummy no longer inside.

Then I delivered the placenta and things happened so quickly...The faces of the 3 MWs were wide-eyed and one of them said it was an enormous placenta...I started hemmoraging as oon as it was out. They applied manual compression but, the blood kept coming. They gave 2 injections, to no end. I was hooked up to an IV and there was lots of commotion. I am not a French speaker nor am I bilingual and although my MW is bilingual she and everyone else there were Francophone (I live in Quebec), and I wasn't following everything that was going on but I understood enough to realize things were not looking really good. The ambulance attendant arrived shortly thereafter and I was sped away with my MW still applying manual compression. I remember saying to DH that I love him and to just take care of the baby. No matter what.

The hospital was intense with lots of slanderous comments about the birth centre, midwives and the like. People talking about me but not to me. I heard the doctor saying hysterectomy as they were wheeling my down to the OR. Needless to say I was feeling a little freaked out. The one decent thing was the ambulance attendant who held my hand and very carefully explained that it was OK to be scared and summarized everthing for me. My MW also stayed by my side as long as they would let her. She tried to reassure me that they were presenting me with worst case senarios but none the less I didn't know what was going to happen as they put the gas mask over my face.

I awoke feeling groggy and REALLY thirsty. In minutes my DH was beside me holding my hand and kissing my face. My MW was waitng out side recovery with baby in hand. It was like a beam of sunshine seeing them there as they took me to my room! In the end they did a D&C, and because of the hard work of my MW, the majority of the bleeding had stopped by the time she stopped the compression. I was also put on a stronger hormone than at the BC. Between these two things the bleeding abaited. I spent the night at
the hospital and although my hemoglobin counts were really low they decided not to transfuse me but wanted me to stay. I pretty much told them to get stuffed, as I felt not only could I get more rest at home, the food was WAY better. Some crazy nurse decided that I was only to have liquids the whole time. YUCK!

I am home, healthy, happy and have a beautiful new baby girl sleeping peacefully beside me. The enforced bedrest is kind of nice, being treated like a queen while I bond with DD#3...Little baby Wren!
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Congratulations Mama! Welcome Wren!
Happy snuggling and being treated like a queen...you deserve it!
I posted in announcements for you.
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congratulations! what a story, and another big and late baby like mine! enjoy your babymoon mama!
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Whew! What a ride! Glad everything turned out so well! Congrats, and welcome baby Wren!
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Wow! Glad everyone is okay! Congrats!
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What a wild ride! Congratulations on the arrival of your baby! I love the name Wren.
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that sounds scary, i' glad you are ok and home
welcome wren (i love the name wren it is so pretty)
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Congradulations!! And Wren is so cute as a name!!!
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Wow, I am glad you are doing better. Congratulations and welcome baby!
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Glad you are ok enjoy being treated like a queen.
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What a beautiful birth and a scary end! So glad you are okay, mama!! Enjoy this babymoon - you do definitely deserve it!
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Oh my gosh, thank goodness everything turned out okay, that sounds so scary! Congratulations on the baby!
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Congratulations! I'm glad everything turned out fine.
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Congrats on the birth of Wren! She shares a birthday with Sydney!

I'm sorry things got scary, and I'm glad you're feeling better.
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welcome, Wren and glad you're OK!!!
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