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From the NCFOM


Russ corresponded, and spoke with, Lara Swanson (Rep. Ty Harrell's LA) yesterday on the status of the CPM study committee. We're all a little confused, but due to the process issues at the end of the 2007 session, the status of the study is a little unclear (and apparently all studies may be in a similar state). Lara is a great ally and is working to sort this out. In a nutshell, we believe Speaker Hackney needs to put his stamp of approval on the study, assign legislators and resources.

In an effort to appear bright and shiny to Speaker Hackney we are asking all of NCFOM members, and especially those in his district to send Speaker Hackney a thank you note, letter, phone call, fax or email to thank the Speaker in advance.

Speaker Hackney represents Chatham, Moore and Orange counties. His contact information is:

NC House of Representatives
16 W. Jones Street, Room 2304
Raleigh, NC 27601-1096
Raleigh Phone: (919)-733-3451
Fax: (919) 828-6257


Epting & Hackney, Attorneys at Law
410 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Office Phone: (919)-929-0323
Office Fax: (919) 929-3960

Short, simple letters are appreciated. If you are a Democrat you should mention that too. Part of his job as speaker is to set the statewide legislative agenda and also, in particular, to set the majority party's legislative agenda. So it will be helpful for him to know that this is an important issue for people from throughout the state and, in particular, for members of his own party (and his constituents, too—they still count for a whole lot). Include in your email a thank you for supporting the 2007 Legislative Study Committee related to licensing Certified Professional Midwives in NC and give a brief explanation of why the issue is personally important to you.

Please pass this letter along. We have been assured by Lara Swanson (Rep. Ty Harrell's LA) that she has it in writing that our study is on Speaker Hackney's list, but just to make absolutely sure he knows this is important to us, please pass along this letter to your friends and family, to your clients (past and present), to your Yahoo groups, childbirth classes, mommies groups, birth circles and play groups.