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Originally Posted by gemasita View Post
Hi ann - I didn't get in for my beta yesterday because I got called to the birth (it was, uh....long...and not the smoothest birth I've been to )).

So anyway, I got home at 7am and had the beta at 11 and just got home. They said they'd call within the hour. *nerves* I really don't have any idea either way. I just know that I don't feel any different.
GL Jamie! Fingers crossed for you!
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They still haven't called. I think they probably are just getting back from lunch.
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Now I've become a thread stalker too :
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3:15. Still no call. I called them and left a message just telling them that I wanted to make sure I got the results today since I was suppose to get them this morning.
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Well, mine is a BFN too.

I didn't realize how painful that news would be until I heard the words.

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I will pm you...........

I am so sorry.
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I just wanted to say how sorry I am. I've been following the journey as it's something that may be in my future.
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Oh Jamie, I'm so, so sorry

Be kind and gentle with yourself.......
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Jamie, I am so very sorry. :
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Oh, bad bad words that I am not allowed to post. I am so sorry ladies.
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Nicole and Jamie, I am so sorry.

You ladies have so much strength and courage, and I can't imagine the pain you are going through with this news. My thoughts and prayers are with you both during this time.
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Hi Jamie: I hope you are doing ok today and are doing things to take care of yourself. I suspect you are busy with your new mom and can imagine what a taxing time this must be for you. Feel free to pm or email if you want~

Last night was not as bad as Monday night, but it still sucked. I pretty much can't put my contacts in yet since my teary outbursts flush them out.

Everyone has either been very sorrowful for us or avoiding us and we don't hold that against them.

I am still in shock, but know of so much other misery out there I feel almost embarrassed to be so stuck in sad mode.

I feel kinda sad to let the Dec IVF thread fade away, but I think I will. Thank you to the cheerleaders, lurkers, posters and moderator.

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Hi Nicole. I sent you an email this morning to see how you were doing. I know exactly what you mean about the contact lenses! I had to wear my glasses all day yesterday. If I cry all day today, I'm going to be in bad shape with them. I am still in shock too. And very sad.

Well, I also hate to end this thread but maybe we can keep up by email and then start another thread if we end up cycling together again.

I appreciate all the lurkers too - it feels good to know people are thinking of you.
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Jamie and Nicole, I was so looking forward to hearing great news upon my return. I am so so saddened by this news . I am hoping you can grieve this loss with the support you need around you.

The fertility counsellor at my clinic said a few things that really rung true for me. - Going through a negative IVF (after seeing the embies) is very similiar emotionally to having a miscarriage.
-the main reason couples decide to stop doing IVF cycles is because it is sooo emotionally difficult, the studies were done in countries where it was paid for for everyone

I hope that when you are ready you feel strength as a couple and individuals to continue along the road to being parents.

Hugs and love to you both
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I've been offline quite a bit because of being quite sick - but wanted to say sorry to you too Jamie... and my thoughts are with you both.
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Hi everyone.

For my sake as much as anything, for closure, I wanted to let you all know that I went in for a Day 5 transfer today after having 7 fertilized embryos. Unfortunately this morning, the three remaining embryos had stopped developing, so we came home without a transfer.

We were very shocked. While it's a risk of a Day 5 transfer, we are only the 3rd couple in 10 years at our clinic where this has happened. To say that this was unexpected is an understatement.

DH and I have re-learned the lesson, once again, to listen to our gut. During our first cycle, I questioned why Day 5s were being pushed. It became moot because we only had three eggs fertilize. When we were in our consult for this cycle, again we questioned Day 5 after I read some articles saying that embies likely do better back in their mamas overall. Our doctor pooh-poohed my concerns (and based on the stats at our clinic, he had data to back that up). So we figured we were over-thinking and went for the Day 5.

I had a rotten feeling about this cycle from about the time I started stims. I had the flu, and then the Norovirus which started on the 23rd, and wiped out the entire Christmas week - I bascially lay in bed, tried to keep down water, and stuck myself with needles. There was a point just after Christmas when I felt so bad about the cycle I almost called a stop to it myself. Again - there was my gut.

Of course, if things had gone well, I'd have figured my gut was wrong. But... they didn't. So next time, we're going to listen to ourselves rather than let ourselves be swayed by numbers.

We will try again. The doctor who broke the news today (not our RE) said he would have likely counseled a Day 3 transfer simply because it was successful last time and he believes in replicating success (wish he was our RE because we would have had 5 embies to choose from on Day 3 and they might have done better inside - they were all better quality than our embies from the last cycle on Day 3). We'll go again. With a Day 3 transfer. Probably in the late spring once my body, our line of credit, and our spirits have bounced back a bit.

So overall, our little cohort didn't do very well with some wonderful exceptions. But we're strong, and we will survive. Hope you're all doing well and perhaps we'll see each other again around these parts in the future..
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I am sorry you are going through this, it must have been a huge shock. : to you and good luck for next time.
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Perdita - oh no! That IS surprising. I wouldn't have thought it was THAT risky to go to day 5 with 7 embryos...I think I would have done the same thing! But...I guess over time, we do learn what seems to work for us. You are right to listen to your gut...it's just hard when people are telling you something different (boy do I know that!). I am really sorry you had to go through a cycle feeling "not right" the whole time.
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I'm so sorry perdita. That sucks, it's so much to go through.
: for the next time around......
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