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Had The Ultrasound

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He said that everything looked good. Growing where it was supposed to and I saw and heard the heart beating good and strong. I can't begin to tell you how relieved I was to see it.

I'm still spotting, but they didn't see anything that would be causing it. Mystery. We'll just have to wait and see what happens. Our first appointment witht he m/w is on the 30th so I'm sure we will talk about it then.

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2nd Pic
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Congratulations, Lisa!! What a great feeling it must have been -- such a relief.
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YAY, Lisa! You must feel so much better. I would jsut really take it easy...don't do anything that you absolutely don't have to do, drink lots of water, and take good care of yourself!
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It is so exciting to see the little bean. I am going in on Sunday. Is it possible to see the hb at 6w?
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That's wonderful!! That would be awesome to see/feel the relief.
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queensgirl...the sonographer said i wasn't even 7 weeks yet (which i don't think is true, i think i'm over 7 weeks) but we did see the heartbeat, i'm not for sure how early you can see it.

thanks mamas, it really did feel like a giant weight off of my shoulders!
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