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Mairaed Killeen will be our daughter's name. With every ultrasound we confirm that yes, she is still a girl.
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Originally Posted by maisiedotes View Post
Mairaed Killeen will be our daughter's name. With every ultrasound we confirm that yes, she is still a girl.
How do you pronounce that mama?
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No name here.
I would like to get the list down to under 20 before the birth and decide when we see him!
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We do and they are combinations of great-grandparents/grandparents, etc. DH is ethnically Jewish and does follow SOME traditions (though he's not religious) and you can't name children after living relatives apparently, or that's a curse that they will die soon. : So, no "juniors" here! We finally just agreed on a girl name last week, in fact, but we aren't sharing either of our names with the public yet! Family does know that a little girl will have the middle name of "Arline" (pronounced just like Arlene) for combinations of my g-grandparents who raised me: Ardie and Pauline. My great-aunt, whom I love, and their first daughter, is also Arline.

Pixie is convinced it's a girl and her name will be Shenna or Susan Wilcock. We have no idea where the Wilcock came from, but she likes to yell it in a funny voice at the top of her lungs.
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We have decided on ......

Piper Rose

Piper was my mothers childhood friends name. When I was a child she used to tell me stories of how they played house, tag, and went swimming in the creek together. I used to name all my dollies Piper. So after four boys I figure I can live out my childhood. Huh? Or is that way to sappy??

Rose is my moms middle name.
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our baby is : Athena Margaret Lauren :... that is, if the ultrasound is right!

and if it's wrong, then our baby boy will be Sage Gordon Alexander
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Originally Posted by Mom2JandG View Post
We have about 4 girls names that we like, and we will wait until the baby comes to decide. We like Mabel, Ruby, Georgia, and Scarlett. We had the hardest time coming up with a boys name. We went through lists, tried everything out for a few days, and finally we are back at a family name and I think it is where we were meant to be in the first place. My dad (who has passed away), my grandfather, and an uncle on my husbands side all shared the name using it either as a first, middle, or part of initials - Calvin, we will call him Cal.
Well I love all your names. You must be like me and love the color Red. My husband says "why did we waste a good name on the dog (her name is Mabel)"

We still do not have a name ourselves though. Can't agree on anything. I love Scralet, but it just doesn't work with the last name Butler (if you have read Gone with the wind)
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Delilah Louise. D-Lou for short lol
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Nope, at least nothing definite..

For boys is a bit easier because DH and I see eye to eye:

Cameron George
Lucas Andrew

For girls it's "always" been Ava Priscilla (Priscilla being my paternal grandma's name, we were very close and I've always wanted to honor her that way) but now DH is not so sure about Ava (knows not to fight me on the middle name though )

He calls daily with other names. Today it's been Rachael, Vanessa and Samantha.
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Not really sure yet. I am thinking Vivian Ann for a girl and Andrew John for a boy.
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GREAT names everyone!!!

We are 99% sure on Elizabeth Marie. Elizabeth is my sister's name as well as both of DHs grandmothers. Marie is my mom's middle name and my Nana is Mary, so it's a nod to her as well. Grace and Anne are still in the middle name race, but I have been leaning heavily towards Marie lately.

If we somehow missed a penis on the u/s he will be Benjamin Scott. Scott is DHs middle name, and Benjamin is the only boy name we can agree on!
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We don't have much in the way of names. I have been sure for over a year that when I have a boy, he will be named Kalev--but DH and I have yet to come up with a middle name for Kalev. We have a short list but nothing that we love. If its a girl, we have a short list of first names, no middle names and nothing that we really love. We kind of figure it will come to us after the babe is born. We named our dog after we got her, and that worked out well. She's Coco, a name I never would have imagined choosing, but it fits her perfectly and its hard to imagine any other name for her--so we figure the same fly by the seat of our pants thing will work out for this baby (because you know, having a baby is just soooo much like having a dog ).
It doesn't help that I do 19th C German history, so come up with names like August Wilhem and Dorathea Lucenda, names I love but that DH thinks are far to stearn for a child...
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Nope, no name yet. And I am tired of everyone asking me that! :

We are leaning towards Ronan Wyatt. I'm not completely in love with it but it's the closest we've come so far... hopefully when he is born it will fit. Otherwise I have no idea what we will do!

Like a PP we "wasted" a favorite name on a dog (Xander). Darn it!!!

Before the u/s we had pretty much decided on Phoebe Claire for a girl. So if we get a surprise, we are prepared (at least with the name. I will still have to have someone quickly go wash all the pink clothes that were left in storage in the basement LOL).
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Heck NO!!! Dh & I usually don't get on the ball & decide until labor starts. Dh needs that pressure to get him serious about the name game. I'll tell what I would name mine if didn't have to worry about Dh's opinions.

Braque Isaiah for a Boy

Zoay Faith for a Girl
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Originally Posted by De-lovely View Post
How do you pronounce that mama?
It is pronounced mah-RAYD (rhymes with "parade") although DH tells me it is often pronounced MAY-REED (no accent on either syllable)... people already think we are saying "marie" so I really accent the D.

ETA: her nickname is Raedie ("raydee").
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Abigail Marie, Abby for short.

It's the only name Dh and I could agree on. I have a LOT of names I like better but she is his daughter too, so I had to compromise. I'm less than ecstatic about the name, but at least we've finally decided. And once she is born, I'm sure we won't be able to imagine calling her anything but Abby!

I don't think I've ever mentioned that we're having another girl!
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We've had the first names in place for a while and we're still on the fence with the middles. I've got to give a shout out to DH for choosing both of the first names. He's responsible for a boy middle and I'm in charge of the girl.

Girl: Lucy Mae
Boy: Alistair Scott

Although, all that may still change. I'll hang on to Methuselah as a backup.
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Nothing here yet either! And I'm 38 weeks tomorrow! Eeeekk!
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Our girl name has been picked since '96 lol If it's a boy, well, he can be Baby I guess, it took us months to pick the last two boys, and we haven't even considered any this time, as 3 u/s have all said girl lol

She'll be Nianna Pearl (Nia for short)
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Our baby boy's name is Sam Emmitt!
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