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Newborn poop question-mucus?

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My baby is 2 weeks old, and very cranky. I have overproduction and I am taking steps to manage that. He seems to have mucus in his stool, but I am not sure. I know this can indicate and allergy. I really don't want to give up dairy because I am a vegetarian. How do you know if it is mucus or a normal poop? Any sites with pictures or good descriptions?
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At two weeks old your baby should have yellow seedy poops. It is early to get on the allergy boat, I think. My guess, based on what you said, is that it is related to your oversupply. Babies who recieve mostly foremilk often have green watery/foamy poops. Very smelly too. You indicated that you are working on your oversupply and it will even out itself a bit as your babe grows. I'm going to give you a couple links with suggestions since I don't know what you are doing for oversupply. Good luck! And check out the breastfeeding forum for more info, others who have had this problem, etc.


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We have this, too, in my 10 week old DS. I think the mucus looks like snot and is stretchy. We also have over supply issues, which I'm block feeding to address. I'm curious if this will end the mucus, too. He has always had these kinds of poops. I know it can mean a virus or allergy, but our doc thought it was normal for him. Hope this helps!
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