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Possibly wheat allergy in 9 month old -- what do I do?

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Hi Everyone,

My DS is 9 months old. He has just recently began self feeding. One of his favorite foods has been homemade whole wheat bread. He'd probably been eating it about a week when I noticed his stools were getting really wierd -- very pale yellow and very jelly like. No other reaction. I spoke to my doctor about this today at his 9 month wbv and she suggested that I avoid whole wheat bread, because it is very difficult for their digestive system. She didn't think that white bread or non whole wheat pasta, etc would be so much of a problem.

I'm pretty much totally clueless about allergies and how to manage them though, so I thought I turn to you ladies for advice. I don't want to exacerbate a mild allergy. So, while I'm obviously going to eliminate the bread, should I try to cut out all wheat? How far should I go? I'm still breastfeeding quite a bit -- should I try to eliminate wheat? And if I do wheat, how about dairy? Does wheat mean all gluten??

He was pretty much fussy and a really poor sleeper for the first 6 months of his life, and I did try eliminating dairy for a bit, but I didn't see much of a difference. So now I'm wondering if it's been a wheat sensitivity?

As you can see, I'm totally confused!! Any and all advice would be SO APPRECIATED!!
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If you suspect a wheat allergy, I'd eliminate ALL forms of wheat in the baby's diet.

There are rice and corn pastas available that you can use in place of wheat pasta. Rice cakes make great finger foods as well.
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I agree that it does sound like wheat could be the culprit. It would be wise to cut out all wheat, including hidden wheat. Be sure to read labels. Wheat is a gluten but you may not have to cut out the others. My dd is very sensitive to wheat but tolerates rye, oats, barley and corn fine. And start a good probiotic if you haven't already. Good luck!
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I would start just by cutting out traditional wheat. My daughter has a wheat sensitivity, but not a gluten one. So I can use low gluten grains when I need to. Like I use mostly spelt for our bread. But I also try to get things either wheat free or gluten free. There are a lot of cereals that are wheat and/or gluten free -- Kix, for instance, or Captain Crunch (we don't eat it, but I know a celiac who can and does). My youngest daughter, who is about the age of your LO really likes potatoes. And those keep well, so you could boil several, refrigerate them, and just heat up a few as you need them. If your LO can handle pretzels, we found some wheat free ones that are quite good. So, you have several options and it really isn't as hard to cut out wheat as it sounds. Cutting out all gluten, yes, would be more difficult. You could also get your LO checked for allergies or for Celiac's. If you could do that and know a bit more specifically what you are dealing with, it's easier to make a game plan.

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Thank you all so much. Like I said, I am pretty clueless when it comes to this. Just to clarify -- should I start by cutting the wheat out of just his diet, or both of ours?

Thanks again!!
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Both, especially if you said he has had problems in the past even w/ your diet change, but you didn't eliminate wheat. Evan had a lot of wheat problems in the past and he's now being tested for celiac. Before we would just pick up things that said gluten free b/c it was easier for us at the time to just pick up those items than have to look at the labels of 100 things for 5 or so allergies.
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Not too long ago I made the connection with my health and a gluten intolerance, along with dairy. It's been hard to adjust, but I getting there and no more problems So I sepnt a lot of time looking things up and found some good sites. If you are still breastfeeding it would be best if you did not consume gluten as well. Try cutting out all wheat, that is the best way to be sure that it is wheat causing the problem. Personally, I am surprised the doc said to eat white bread, ug*shudder*
When I really need some pasta I get organic brown rice pasta and it tastes great.

This site explains exactly WHAT gluten is- http://www.enzymestuff.com/rtgluten.htm
This site is a resource of products and info- http://www.glutenfree.com/home.aspx
Here is yet another site- http://www.celiac.com/index.php
And another- http://www.celiac.org/

It seems a little overwhelming at first, but doesn't take long to get the hang of it and then it becomes second nature. My next bread making venture will be with hemp flour, I also drink hemp milk instead of moo juice or soy or rice.
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Yes, if you are breastfeeding at all, then you're digestion is linked. I'm ebf and Taslyn gets every bit of wheat, cow dairy and sugar that I accidentally consume. You'll have to be a detective to completely abstain, but there are definitely alot of alternatives to wheat based products. It just takes some work.
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