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the birth of Helena Elizabeth Kelly (UBAC)

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at around 9:30 pm on Friday, October 12th, I had just put "Petunia" to bed and got down on all fours to yank "Peanut's" bed away from the baseboard heater. When I stood up I had a strong contraction and ran to the bathroom to pee. When it was done I came back out: we had company over and were about to pray together. As we prayed, I had another similar contraction, and then another one. At this point I noticed that they were spaced 10 minutes apart. I told our guests with a laugh that I thought I was going into labour.

We were saying good-bye to everyone at the door at 10:20, at which point I had another strong contraction and had to excuse myself. The guests left right away and dh started filling the birth pool and getting everything ready. I rode out a few contractions on the toilet during this time. As soon as there was some water in the pool, I jumped in and it felt wonderful. Dh put on a worship CD and continued getting things ready.

By 11:20 the contractions were closer together. I was having two every 10 minutes: a strong one and a gentler one. I really had to focus during contractions and prayed aloud to God through them. I prayed for the Holy Spirit to comfort me and take away my fear and pain and then thanked Him that the baby was now closer and that He got me through the contraction. I focused on "the peace of God" and would just say this out loud too. I could feel the presence of the Lord carry me through each ctx and take the edge off of them. I could also clearly feel the baby's head pushing down and opening my cervix...it was very cool. During this time the baby was active and I was comforted to feel her wiggling around inside of me. Dh also read some Scriptures to me. At this point I started making a low groan through contractions when they were too intense for me to pray aloud through.

By 12:20 the large and small ctx were running into each other. The ctx only seemed to back off a bit and would start right up again. I was soon having strong contractions back to back and knew I was in transition. I asked dh for some "smooth transitions" tincture and that really helped to mellow me out and even gave me a short break (I had been crying out to God for a break). I praised Him for his faithfulness in hearing my cry. At this point I also quickly went to the washroom to pee and also rode out a long contraction on the toilet. When I got up I finally noticed a bit of blood in the toilet. It was 12:44.

Right after that I got back in the pool and had a pushy contraction. From that point my contractions came very close and my urge to push increased with each one. They were very intense; it was the most painful part of my labour. I had been checking my cervix periodically through the labour and just before the pushy contractions started, I had felt the baby's head, although it was still quite posterior and I couldn't feel the whole thing. I felt it was the right time to push though and my body wasn't giving my a choice anyhow. I got on my knees and reclined a bit on the edge of the pool as my body pushed the baby out. I don't remember feeling distinct contractions, just constant pushing without a break. I was vocalising loudly (like someone lifting heavy weights) and woke "Petunia", who came in our room very concerned. Daddy reassured her that Mommy was just fine and went to get "Peanut." When she came in the baby's head had been born and I was pushing hard without stopping. "Peanut" said "I can't watch this" and left the room. I felt a great urgency to get the baby out. Dh supported her head and reassured me that I was doing it and that she would be born in just a minute.

At 12:52 her whole body was born into dh's hands and I lifted her up out of the water. I noticed the cord loosely around her neck and unlooped it. "Peanut" came back in to see her new sister then. She was still and quiet. I caressed her and blew in her face and she took her first breath. She didn't need to be suctioned and coughed and sneezed up a bit up mucous no problem. At 1:06 she latched onto the breast for the first time. We called all of our parents. I got up on my knees to keep Helena out of the water and felt some pushy contractions again and delivered he placenta. We put it in the sitz bath, which was handy, and moved Helena and I to the bed. The cord drained quickly and dh cut it at 1:18. We wiped Helena off a bit, put a diaper on her and dressed her in the sleeper "Peanut" wore home from the hospital, which she fills out very well. I guessed she was around 8lbs. We rested for a while on the bed after dh put the big girls back to sleep. Helena nursed for a long time and even spit up some colostrum. She loves to nurse and has a perfect latch and a strong suck. Her whole body pinked up nicely, but patches on her face were still purple. After talking with a friend on the phone, I felt confident it was just bruising. Each day she looks better as the bruising fades. After a while, I passed her off to dh, had a shower and got dressed. I had a doughnut and took some Tylenol for the after pains (I also took some cramp bark). We finally got to bed at 4:30 am, but I don't think I slept much at all. My milk came in on Monday and since then she has been very content. She just eats and sleeps and smiles and poops She is such a snuggly, sweet, lovable little thing. We weighed her on Saturday night, as we had to go get new batteries for our scale. In her clothes and including the weight of the sling (which didn't register on the scale on its own) she was 8lbs 4oz...so that's what we're going with She measured 20 inches long. Here's a link to some pics

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I love your birth story!! Congrats!
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What a beautiful story -- thank you for sharing it! Congratulations to you and your family.
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What a beautiful baby! Thank you for sharing!
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Thanks for sharing this story.
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My youngest had the spots on her face, too, they went away after a couple of days.
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Congratulations! She's so cute!
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So your sweet Helena was born on Saturday? It was my birthday too! Congratulations on your precious daughter and a good birth... Go Libras!
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What a gorgeous baby! WOW!

thanks for sharing your story.
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Congratulations! She is absolutely beautiful, and so is your story!
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: Beautiful baby!! Gotta love the UBAC's!!!
Great job mama!
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Gorgeous! I LOVE the name Helena. It is my favorite name of all time, and the fact you paired with with Elizabeth is creepy because that is the middle name I want to use! What a lucky little girl!
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