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I went to my NST today and it went great. They spent an hour trying to get her to calm down enough to get a baseline, she just wouldn't stop moving. She was still head down and seemed to be in a good position. So they said I was good to go and they'd see me on Tuesday for another test.

So I woke up a few minutes ago and she is SOOOO obviously transverse! This is insane! I am happy to keep being pregnant and waiting as long as she is head down but I just can't stop freaking out when she has her head sticking out of my side.

So I'll call my midwives and go back in this weekend and probably by the time I get there she'll be back head down again. I feel like I'm doing a horrible game of chance waiting to see if my water breaks while she's head down.

Maybe I should just schedule a c-section.
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I'm glad that your little one at least has gone head down.

Fingers crossed that she is head down when the time comes. Don't lose faith!

Take heart, mine never went head down.
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Thanks for the well wishes.

She is back to head down this morning. I am still worried, but less freaked.

I'm going for acupuncture induction this morning and I may try stripping my membranes and washing the kitchen floor. And a bit of yoga right away to see if I can keep her in this position. And maybe a vigorous walk.
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