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Welcome Erin Carly, October 19

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Well, I did it, I had my homebirth.

I woke up yesterday with back pain and cramping with some intermittent contractions. I went and told my hubby at 5ish that today might be the day. (If your remember I have been having prodominal contractions for weeks and wondered if and when I would have my baby.)

Contractions were every 7 minutes until lunch time, when I decided to go out for awhile by myself. I arrived home after 12 and played outside with the girls until 1, when my back was getting worse and I was getting hungry.

By 4 I was beginning to breathe through contractions but could handle them and talk in between. I took a bath around 5 or so to help my relax. I lit some candles and just vegged in the tub for a bit. My girls came into to see me now and again and offerred hugs.

At 5:45 I had my hubby call my midwife because I was starting to feel very uncomfortable and needed to be re-assured that everything was o.k. She was supposed to be at a birthday party (we were also invited), her birthday party. Well, our Erin girl decided that she needed to share the day, and M didn't mind sharing.

She arrived and checked me at 6:45. Everything was fine and I was at a stretchy four. (which was my only fear, I was afraid she would tell me I did all that work and was only a 1-2).

By 8:30 I was feeling out of control and had gotten into the tub. I was doing lots of low moans and feeling the urge to push. At around 9:30, I got out of the tub and felt like I needed to poop and got onto the toilet. I felt a large whoosh, my water broke and she started coming out. She was born at 9:42. The end was so strong and powerful it is still so surreal.

We are adjusting be being a family of 3 girls and are thrilled with our home birth.

She is feeding well, and being just as sweet as she can be. We are in love!
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Congratulations Karen and welcome Erin! :
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Congratulations! What a wonderful birth! Welcome Erin!
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Erin! Congratulations to you and family! Well done mama on your homebirth :
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Congrats! Girls are wonderful :

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Congrats and welcome to Erin!!!
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Congrats and welcome baby Erin!!
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Congratulations, mama!! So amusing that you had to interrupt your MW's own party for the birth! Too cool! Welcome, Erin - enjoy your babymoon!
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Cool - so I guess you aren't trying castor oil today! Congratulations!
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Congrats Mama!! What a beautiful birthstory!! Happy Babymooning!!

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Glad it was such a great experience for you! Congratulations and welcome Erin!
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Congratulations Brendon! Welcome Erin!

I posted in announcements. Let me know if you want weight etc. up there (pm me).

Happy babymoon.
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Congratulations mama! Happy baby mooning!
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Yeay! the wait is OVER!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
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