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Kid education on shots?

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Just curious what you all have told your children regarding shots and disease issues. I have not discussed it much with my 4yo yet except to assure her that she does not get shots like her friend Lily does when she goes to the doctor.That some kids/people get shots and some don't.To this point during playtime shots were only for vitC(though she knows vitC can be had from a variety of sources,and given various ways).

Occasionally when I read Hilary's posts regarding public education it just makes me wonder how I can gain the upper hand in educating on certain issues before the school does(if we go that route). I am considering homeschooling,but my dd is very reluctant to learn anything from me.I get a lot of flack from everyone becasue she does not know her letters,can't read,andwon't practice her numbers-like other kids.She justs wants to play,and won't play anything where I intergrate letters into it,lol!

Anyway I notice that with all the kids getting their shots for school,and talk about it I should start going into a bit more detail.Maybe not.Hence the thread to see what others have done.Even those who selectively vaccinate I would be interested in knowing what you say to the kids when you tell them what they got and why.

When I asked some of my dd's friends what shots they had gotten they never know which ones,and are essentially told," You need this shot so you won't get sick."

I want to get more detailed on this issue.Like when some kids go on and on about drinking milk and tell me how it will make them big and strong. Sometimes I let it go,and sometimes I explain the ins and outs of cow milk,and how it isn't that good for you unless you drink it fresh and in moderation(dd starting to want milk since her buddy drinks it!).

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LMAO-welcome to my hell! DD is 6yo and was vaccinated until age 4. She was introduced cows milk in preschool (we do eat dairy) and is a very school oriented girl sice she went to daycare from and early age and loved it. I have the only child who consistantly (this summer) answers 'You're sending us to daycare?!?!" when I say "I havea surprise for you!" I am a veggie, her Dad is not. She eats chicken although I explained why I feel she shouldn't. Milk gives her gas, but since going to public school she ges it free b/cwe are so poor, so I let it slide being she begged me for it. The clincher-she LOVED gettign shots. Yes, my dd is a freak of nature. DS is not vaxed though. I am still slowly explaining "no more shots" etc. to her. She learned the milk thing from school and is torn, so I recommened start early and explain different beliefs, etc. That helps.

I am learnign everyday, and so is she. Thedifference between us and the schools can be explaing WHY we think how we do, followed by facts.
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Re: Kid education on shots?

Originally posted by Sara29
I am considering homeschooling, but my dd is very reluctant to learn anything from me. I get a lot of flack from everyone because she does not know her letters, can't read, and won't practice her numbers - like other kids. She justs wants to play, and won't play anything where I intergrate letters into it, lol!
I just wanted to mention that my ds was very much like this when he was four-and-a-half, just last summer/fall !! In the span of six months or so he *suddenly* awoke a tremendous appetite for learning EVERYTHING. He is probably past kindergarten curriculum NOW. I don't know how *I* did it, lol. I didn't really do anything. Just kept offering him different things with letters/numbers, etc. The one thing that may have set him off one day he asked if we could buy chocolate next time we went shopping and I said write it down so I won't forget. (Chocolate is a rare treat round here.) Well he looked at his alphabet and with some help from me, he accomplished this and we went and bought it. In a mere six months he's come leaps and bounds. Personally I thought four was a touch young for me to stress about it but he ended up taking the lead once given the opportunity he could relate to.

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A subject close to my heart/soul-

My 11 year old was scared after the 5th grade class was given a paper about their need for a MMR shot before 6th grade starts--he came home upset because he thought he HAD to get it !
The paper said nothing about exemptions-
I wrote a letter to the school--anyway--
My dd & I say the same thing about the Dr Kits syringes-Vit C-

I tell my older kids about our Religious exemption & belief system-They seem to understand-my kids health books from school say ,of course,vaccines saved the world......
I tell them that there are people who believe in a pill /vaccine ,etc & people who do not-whatever you believe in works-ie-if you have a cold & take medicine & get better -you believe the medicine got you better-if you think prayer will get you well,and you are sick & use prayer & get well-then-you get the idea.

I LOVE a couple of books for kids to read-BLUES SNIFFLEY DAY & THE BOOK OF GIANT STORIES
Blue can not be helped by a pretend Dr visit0but a nap & chicken soup help Blue to feel better & a boy gets measles & gets to go home from school.
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well, I haven't done anything formal yet, but we had a Dr kit for sale at our resale store and my son was playing with it ( 2 1/2) and he didn't know what the syringe was--I used to be a preschool teacher and young children were always giving each other shots.

Anyway my baby says to me "what's this?" and I didn't really answer he said "Dr fing huh?" and went on playing, no idea what to do with it. I loved that--when he's older I'm sure I'll explain things in detail
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I told my children as early as I could that they were not vaccinated and they were not to discuss this with anyone else. As they grew older, I explained certain things to them as they could understand. I used Dr. Mendelsohn's easy to understand reasoning since it is so much common sense. This is alot easier for me to educate my children now than when I was a child and saw classmates with braces on their legs.


Dear Amnesiac:

I got you beat. I am the science teacher for the third grade at a private school. What do I tell my students? That doctors help us get well, but we can do alot to keep ourselves healthy by making good choices and educating ourselves....about .....EVERYTHING!
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Oh she thinks it funny does she?
Actually it is pretty funny. Yes, I know I have tendencies. The one that moves at 90 mph ild does quite a bit of eyerolling regularly. The one that's just as obsessive as I am spits it out before he's asked, waiting for his pat on the head.
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My now 16 year in 11th grade, in her freshman year wrote a term paper on The Untold Dangers of Vaccination.

She got an A. The teacher comment was "This paper was the most informative term paper I ever read. Looks like I have some reading to do."

My 6 year old says "I'm lucky. I never had a shot".
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I've never thought of this before. How strange. I was brought up in a different country we never had FILMS shown about vaccines..... we never heard anything from our schools on this issue at all.
Sure we were all told to get them, but by our doctors, not our teachers.

Anyway, my son is 4 years old, he doesn't even have much clue about any kinds of doctors, when we tell him he's going to the doctor, he gets very excited, because he's going to get FIXED (the chiropractor) he tells his teacher all the time that he's been fixed or will be fixed (luckily she knows what he's talking about).
I'm going to have to put some thought into these stupid films they're showing............. thats totally unacceptable in my view. Is it possible to keep a child from viewing these - don't they ask you to sign a consent form or anything like for sex ed class or field trips? (or don't they even do that anymore)
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Well, my son spent a year in public school (1st grade), and the only "medical" issue that came up was the fluoride pills they gave out (as soon as the teacher gave me the permission form, I said, OH, no! Yes, I will sign it right away, saying he is NOT to get them!" LOL! )
I am just straightforward with my kids about it (and would be the same if they were in school, though I am sure there would be a lot more to deal with in the way of "influences"
My son knows he reacted badly to his vaccinations as a baby and we decided, after research, not to vax him anymore. DD knows we don't do that (though she was vaxed with dt last yr against my desires while in the hosp. for stitches
Goodness, like so many other things, they hear us discuss the issue often enough; My son could probably you a dissertation on the subject, lol!

I agree that it must be hard to deal with frequent messages that go against one's beliefs/practices (hey, I sent a vegan kid into public school; tell me about it
I'm glad I don't have to deal with that constantly, though I have no problem with approaching it on a conscious level; it's the unconscious programming that is imparted through such constant exposure that is difficult, imo.

As the ads say, Talk to your kids (about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING), they'll listen. Bottom line, they still value OUR opinions and experience more than that of strangers. I think far too many parents are persuaded to abdicate their parenting in this sense; to turn their kids' minds and souls over to the media and "professionals" because that is "just the way it is" and they will be seen as "overprotective" if they don't. JMO.
They'll reach their own conclusions in good time; I don't expect to determine their ultimate beliefs/values, but at least I can share mine with them and give them another viewpoint to take with them

mom to Forest, 11 and Lily, 3
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Flouride pills!??! What state is this? Oh my... I was proud when I shut the Dentist up when the ytried to force a treatment.

I made the mistake and told DD's new public school we no longer vaccinate although she is technically "up to date" (DS is not vaccinated and DD is no longer). The nurse was upset and wouldn't you know DD get a 105 fever an hour into the first day..talk about luck!

BTW, out here they don't send permission slips for much...
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Thanks for the replies.Being a govt. program they like to integrate health care into it,so I guess I get a bit paranoid at times.
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We lived in Oregon the year he was in school. I know; I was shocked at them handing out fluoride tablets in class, too!
Enough of a hassle to avoid it at the dentist!
Yes, the trend is to "integrate health care" into public schooling. Also in Oregon, their was a scandal of sorts when a father sued a school district over his 14 yr. old daughter coming home with a Norplant (which made her ill and she confessed; otherwise, he would never have known about it!) Turns out, the schools in that district are allowed to, and reg. do, provide birth control to students as young as 12 without parental notification or permission. A lot of parents were outraged, and I I am not sure if the practice ever got changed or not.
This girl had gone to a guidance couns., upset because she had engaged in sex and regretted it/was scared she might be pregnant. A pg. test was arranged, THEN she was urged to go on birth control so "she could have sex and wouldn't have to worry about it anymore." (according to the girl).
Now, no matter what one's "moral" perspective on teen sexual activity, as parents, I think we should be involved in any process like the one above.
And ESP. if the birth control is something with possible serious health consequences (like Norplant or other hormonal products!)
Like any other medical procedure, parents should be informed/permission obtained. JMHO.
Anyway, a bit off topic, but not really.
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