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Broke down and bought EPO

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I went out last night and bought evening primrose oil soft gels. I took 2 500 mg capsules, broke one open on my belly (rubbed it in like lotion, it helped with the itchy skin!) and put one up before bed. I've been stuck at 3 cm, 50% dilated since Tuesday, and latent labor sucks! Hopefully this will get things moving and my cervix thinned out. I had a LOT of bloody show this morning, so wish me luck!
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Crossing my fingers for you!! I wish I could have some bloody show!
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I wish you the best with it. It was totally the key for me to have my third child. I took 4 during the day for 2 days, and then inserted 2 the next night, and had a baby! This time, though, I went through an ENTIRE BOTTLE and took it adn inserted it for WEEKS and it didnt bring baby. It absolutely depends on how ready your body is to receive it. It definitely helped me thin out, no question, it just wasnt the magic kickstart ingredient for labor. So keep taking it!!
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I highly recommend EPO...I am currently 80% effaced, went from 50% to 80% in a week, and I have to assume that the EPO that I insert (2 capsules vaginally) at night helped with that! Good luck!
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I have been doing EPO too - I don't think it has helped me dilate, but I was 50% effaced at last check, so I think it is doing something.

Good luck - hope it is your magic bullet!!
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Aw mama, keep us posted! I can't wait to hear your birth story.
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I'm so jealous to hear how well it's working for you guys! I've been taking it for the past 3 or 4 weeks and there is still no change. Maybe I need to start inserting it at night also.
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I'm going to talk about this with my MWs on Monday at my appointment. I've always been kind of ambivilant about it for myself, so I'm going to get their opinions and see if that pushes me in a direction.
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does epo just help with effacement or does it help in other ways also?
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As far as I know (someone correct me if Im wrong) it just helps with the ripening of the cervix.
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I wonder if, in addition to differences in a body being ready or not, there is a difference in quality of EPO. What brands do you all use?
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I have Now brand, and I believe it does help with effacement - I'm mushy, mushy - may be coincidence, but I like to take it orally the last month.
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I just started it a couple of days ago too. 3x orally per day, and a couple inserted at night.

I can't seem to reach my cervix, so I have no idea if it's doing anything or not.

With DD, I only used it internally, and lost my plug and had bloody show within two days.

Who knows if it helps or not, but EPO has other bennies, so I don't mind taking it anyways.
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so does ripen just mean effacement or does it also mean to dilate? i am 98 percent effaced and have been for a week and a half now.
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Just effacement...sorry
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