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$400 tax credit

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Any of you doing anything interesting with the tax credit? I'm still upset that the government is sending out checks to everyone whether they need it or not when crucial programs are being cut. Part of me says - donate it. Part of me says don't cash it. Part of me says spend it.
Of course, everyone wants $400. But, not everyone NEEDS it to get by. Just curious. My husband said that if I was so against it I should have protested the budget proposals long ago. I live in Texas though - a lot of good that would have done me!
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Actually, we really needed it to pay bills.
If we didn't have money troubles, I'd have probably donated it.
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I am saving it and spending it. back to school clothes, supplies and tags for the car.

I look at it as being able to keep more of what i earned. the government isnt giving me anything. just more of the thousands they take out in federal income tax and social security. For instance, last month, they took $2750.00 out of my husbands check on the 30th. thats sick, just too much. hell, i could stay home on the amount they take out of his check (lets not get started on how much they take from my check).
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I suppose giving money back to all the people isn't as bad as using all the money for weapons. My problem is they should be trying to help the people who need it most first. There need to be taxes - to help those most in need and for vital programs ... . Thing is this government is more interested in giving back to the rich and those in power than anything else.
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Just remember it is an advance on the credit you claim next year.......you can't claim the full $1000 now.

Mine is going to sit in the bank until tax time. I'm certainly not going to spend it all, like Shrub wants, in order to jump consumer sales around back to school. All they want to to make it appear the economy is recovering when, in fact, it has yet to reach bottom..............

Smoke and mirrors administration.

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Sigh. edited for extreme dorkiness.
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Save it

Everyone will need it to cover all the prgrams that are being cut or pushed down to the state and local level.
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The admin would love for me to spend the entire check in one fell swoop.

I have 3 going to school this year, I'll be buying notebooks and such too. I'm just not going to spend *that* money. ie, I'm not going to go hog wild and blow the wad because it is *free* money.
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I now know what and who Shrub is. Gosh, how do you all put up with me?.....ok, dont answer that!

I'm not going hog wild either. saving the rest, probably for christmas shopping!:
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We got our $1,200 about a week ago! Part of it is going for the new washing machine that we need desperately and the rest will end up in savings.
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It's going in savings.
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I'm going to make a donation to the ACLU, the Dean campaign and NARAL.
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Well, I'm pissed about the refund too. I'd rather see the programs funded. I would have donated the money to charity, but alas I'm not getting a check since I still owed taxes from last year I'm paying off.
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We will probably buy something for our house (like a washer or fridge) if we ever find one we can afford, otherwise it will go into savings.

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We're still waiting for ours. We really need it, dp might be getting laid off and we're a few months behind on rent. Could there be any reason we havn't received ours; we did our taxes.
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Why are healthcare companies excluding you?
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I'd just like to point out that this refund along with the other tax cuts that Bush has made has resulted in NEW massive federal debt so we will all be paying interest on this money and it's going to cost us in the long run.

Let's all jump for joy on that.

And that sucks about the health care thing. I agree so much for his "family values".
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Originally posted by mahdokht
Since healthcare companies are permitted to exclude me from coverage as a pregnant woman and I don't qualify for state medical coverage, I have no options. That money is going for the birth of my baby.

WTF?? If your husband has health insurance through his work, and if his employer offers dependent coverage through that insurance, then you should have absolutely no problem whatsoever obtaining coverage (though, er, almost certainly not for a homebirth).

Edited to add: And if that IS in fact the case, yet the insurer is still refusing to put you on the insurance (or to cover the pregnancy, presuming you were previously covered by your husband's ins at his most recent job), then I know a good attorney who can take your case.
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