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They way I understand it, this is an advance on next year's child tax credit, which will be $1000 per child. So, when you file your next tax return, you'll be able to claim $600 per child rather than $1000 because you've already been advanced the $400. So I don't think the ammount we receive now will be subtracted, exactly, from next year's refunds. Also, after a year or so (sorry, I can't remember exactly how long) the child tax credit will go back down to $600.
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Thanks, Wendy and Els'!
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i understand this is being done, supposedly, to stimulate the economy and get folks spending.

but i wonder how much $ the bush administration is spending in labor costs, paper, postage, etc. to send out advance refund for money we would have received anyhow, albeit in 2004.

anyone know?

my $ is going to NARAL and i'm sending a letter to bush thanking him for helping me support choice.
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It really depends on where you live. In FL, for example, JEB BUSH (believe it or not) pushed through a bill that required all insurance companies covering maternity care to cover care by an LM, so in a sense covering homebirth.
Oh, I just can't let this go, even though I know it's off topic.

Jeb does NOT get credit for this, nonononononoNO!

Lawton Chiles, the Walkin' He-Coon, did this manymany years ago. Lots of homebirths in his family, and he's the one who pushed through the bill. Gods love that sweet old redneck, may he rest in peace.

Is Jeb trying to say that it was his own administration? What a schmo.
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As far as I know though, it was the Bush admin that supported broadening the legislation to require Tricare to cover it. My mw told me that before my birth in 2000, Tricare (and other govt insurance plans) were exempt from the legislation for some reason, and that the legislation was broadened sometime in 1999.

Sorry if I wasn't clear in my post before. Bush helped make my insurance cover it, at least according to my mw. I guess she could be wrong :

And FL is a great state in terms of homebirth! Even if we have to blush at people like Lawton Chiles
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Okay, so this is based on 2003 earnings or 2004? Cuz the IRS site asks for info on your 2002 filing status. What a mess!!

hhmmm.. I had a Tricare paid homebirth in 2000 in Virginia... I don't think Jeb had anything to do with it. If you meet the requirements Tricare has to pay out of service providers as long as they are properly licensed healthcare providers.
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The ASSumption is that if you claimed the full exemption in 2002 you will claim it in 2003 so they will give you the $400 up front.
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I'm thanking my lucky stars for that refund. We need it to pay bills.
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It's your 2002 income that matters.

Actually, the base can determine the policy on Tricare paying for maternity by requiring that everyone receive maternity care from the base hospital (even if you have a civilian PCM) unless they get a release from the CO of the hospital. If the base is requiring this, then of course Tricare won't cover a civilian provider. That's what they were doing in FL, and they're no longer allowed to-- they are required to let you go off base for care by an LM because they don't provide them; but they still don't have to let you for OB or CNM care.
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Sorry if I wasn't clear in my post before. Bush helped make my insurance cover it.
Whoops! Sorry, Wendy -- that's what I get for correcting before I get clarification. I didn't realize that Tricare wasn't included in Chile's bill, but I should have known that the military follows its own rules ... : Glad for you that they've got it together now!
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