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My pregnancy has been declared high risk -- though thankfully the condition seems manageable enough. I have thrombophilia -- a blood clotting disorder that can prevent the placenta from getting the blood supply it needs. I went for an ultrasound and since I am only 5 weeks, they saw a yolk sac only. Everything else looked good except for a clot next to the uterus, which they want to keep an eye on. Anyone else have experience with this? It wasn't a problem with my first b/c I was 7 years younger and blood flow was better -- but as we age blood flow slows down anyway, so the thrombophilia would be more likely to come into play. There are several strains of thrombophilia, I have 2 of the genetic kind. I'm taking a baby asprin and may have to go on daily injectable blood thinners (lovenox).

They also want to monitor the pregnancy closely with ultrasounds every 2 weeks. I guess I'm going to get to know this baby better than I did with my son in utero since I'll be seeing him/her a lot more often!

So far I'm trying to stay positive. Would love to hear about anyone's experience managing this condition. I'm thankful to know about it which I probably would not have unless I was pregnant!

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Hi - I'm due May 15 and I have Factor V Leiden. I'm on Lovenox and baby aspirin. I have a 4.5 year old ds and was unmedicated during his pregnancy (didn't know about the FVL). Since then I've had 2 mc, so I'm hopeful this one will stick with the Lovenox. Good luck to you! Oh, there's a huge thread about people with clotting disorders in the health and healing forum.
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Thank you PerkyKP. It's great to know about the health & healing forum -- I'll check it out! My doctor assured me the lovenox really does the trick -- so I have a good feeling your pg will stick!
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