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Eek i'm so worried :/

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I think i may have spotted a little bit... it was just dark discharge.. but thats the amount of spotting i had around implantation. Grr. I don't think i could deal with a miscarriage ..I'm extremely sensitive.. i used to cry when my mom didn't like my outfit. Hopefully everything is okay.. Woman spot without anything being wrong.. right?
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Yes women can spot without anything being wrong. How many weeks are you? Had you had sex recently.

Only heavy bleeding and cramping mean miscarriage....spotting has just as much chance of being nothing as it does of being a miscarriage.

We'll always worry though!! That's just part of the deal.......
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I was also going to ask if you had sex. That can definitely cause a little bit of spotting, from your cervix.

It sounds so miniscule. If it doesn't happen again, it's almost definitley nothing. And if it does happen again and you're really worried, you can call your provider to have them check you out. That's what they're there for

A lot of women have real spotting during pregnancy and go on to have healthy babies, too.

I won't say not to worry, because that's impossible. I think most women worry in early pregnancy. {{{hugs}}}
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I've been spotting since a few days after we got a BFP. But on Thursday we got an u/s and saw the baby and the heartbeat. We still aren't sure why I am spotting.

If it's dark and you have no cramping I'd try not to worry about it. (Hard to do, I know).
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My friend had very heavy bleeding and went on to have a healthy baby and pregnancy
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