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Do you know intact little boys?

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Just wondering. My son is the ONLY intact little boy I know of.

We have 8 young family males that are all circumcised, my SIL has two boys she wanted to leave intact but BIL refused and SIL doesn't have the guts to stand up to him. And all of my son's friend's are circumcised. I did childcare for a long time, again all circumcised.

I do know there was one little boy in a daycare I worked at (300+ kids) and he was the only intact little boy. Then DH's co-workers had a little boy with a LOT of issues at birth, so he wasn't circumcised because of all of that. And my grandma recently told me my grandpa was intact without any problems, but that they circumcised all three of their boys. :

People just look at me like I'm insane when circ comes up and I tell them my son is intact. I'm very vocal about it if it comes up. My sister just found out they are having a boy and she doesn't want him circumcised, but BIL does. UGH, what is it with men?! Anyways, I sent her tons of information, links, etc. I'm hoping she will stand up to him and just refuse it. She's a strong woman in general, but I'm not sure that she'll want to cause this big of an issue with him. He's a "my way or the highway" guy and will whine and scream until he gets his way. *sigh*

Sorry, that turned into a ramble. But I really just wanted to know if your intact little boys have intact friends/family members or if they are the only intact kids you know.
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DS has a few friends who are circed and a few who aren't. Thankfully more and more of the babies are intact b/c I can't live with myself if I don't bring it up!

When my sister has kids they will be intact.
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My son and the little boy I babysit are both intact (and the little boy's dad, I'm told ). And my friend who is due in November is not circ'ing, if it's a boy!

So the intact kids are in the majority among my group of friends. Of course, everyone else I know has girls, it seems like.
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It's about 50/50 here, it's nice.
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Just my little ones.
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Most family we know are circ'd except for our own boys, but probably 1/3-1/2 of our boys' friends are intact. As the older ones get older I obviously don't know about their friends so much.
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all of the little boys i know are intact except one, and i'm not sure about him. his parents were pretty set on circ'ing him, i talked to them but i'm not sure what they decided.
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My son is in the majority of intact children at his Montessori school. I was pleased to find this out. 13 intact and 8 circumcised.

I am also in a natural-minded local moms group so I tend to see lots of intact boys. As for my high school friends or extended families, all have circumcised their little boys.
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Even when I was 20 (1986) and worked in daycare I saw many many intact boys. this was in San Francisco. Even when I worked at the Jewish Community Center preschool (Marin County)it was 50-50 (not all were Jewish)! Most of my son's peer group that he grew up with are intact (he's 16) - that's a group that ranges from Petaluma CA (north of S.F.) to Santa Cruz CA. I was actually amazed and dismayed to hear of the stats in the other parts of the US when I started chatting online - and completely flabbergasted to hear some of the reasons for circ and the attitudes (obviously not on MDC)! I thought we were living in 2007, not 1957?! I just naively assumed that circ was a thing of the past...
But a bit of good news: my SIL had a baby on 10/13 and her step father asked if they were circ'ing. He told her that none of his grandsons were circ'd and that he was against it! My nephew is intact as of now - my SIL feels the same way I do about circ, but my brother is, well, can I say an idiot??? Send vibes of strength to my dear SIL!!
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The great majority of boys in my state are circed, I read somewhere that we have like the 3rd highest rate in the nation

That said, DS has one friend who is a boy and he's intact
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I've babysat several intact boys over the years. I have 5 intact nephews. I also go to Utah Friends of Midwives meetings (I think that's what it's called) and I've noticed intact baby boys there too.
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Nope, so far just my little one. All of my nephews are circed, and so far I havent seen any others at random diaper changes or swim lessons or anything of the like.
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I'm in the UK - all of the boys I know are intact. No matter what age. I so appreciate not having to stress about friends having little boys over here.

Among my American friends - well, most had boys before I had my son (which is when I finally learned about circ), and they all circed.

Since I've had my son, there have been 3 other boys born to good friends/family - 2 are intact and 1 is circed (I gave info in all three cases).

The more we make sure people have the true facts about circumcision, the more the circumcision rate will drop (although there will always be parents out there who do it for God only knows what reason ).
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The only one that I know for sure is intact is my step-nephew. Unfortunately, I have quite a few friends and relatives who I know have boys that are circ'd, BUT there are lots of them that I have no clue about at all The topic has simply never come up with them, and even though I'm pretty curious about their status, I don't want to sound too nosey or wacko by striking up a conversation about my friends'/relatives' boys' penises :
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My 10 yr old stepson is intact.

He's the only boy I who I KNOW is intact.

I only know this because his dad told me about it.

He said he thought it was wrong to NOT circ. His ex-wife is the one who insisted on not circing.

Good for her!

I told my husband that IF we EVER have a boy, he's not being circed either.

I don't know too many little boys.

I do have a few nephews, but I've never asked their moms about their penis's, so I really don't have a clue there.
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The vast majority of the little boys I know are intact, but I'm in a crunchy area.
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Most of the boys around here are intact. I can think of only 5 circed boys. My sister & BIL would have had it done, but it's not covered by health care anymore, so they didn't.
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More intact in my circle, but there are circs.
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I only know one boy my sons age who is circed. The rest, where I'm aware one way or the other, are intact.
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There are no circ'd boys in my family so I have 6 intact nephews. I also know many intact boys through my friends and homeschool groups.

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