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Off to the hospital

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No I am not in labor.. I wish I was. Elliot is being a brat on the monitors and is not having any variations with his readings so there doing to do some tests. I said, did it ever occur to you that he was just asleep during the 5 minutes you tried monitoring me in the office on Friday? She didn't seem to care. She needs to cover her ass no doubt so away I go.
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Keep us posted... all the best!
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Hoping all went well!
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Hope testing went well!
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with my last pregnancy I always hated the non stress tests...
I felt they were ironically named because they ALWAYS stressed me out...
you hear so much about how you shouldnt lie on your back, and yet thats what they had me do... and then WONDERED and made a big deal about my blood pressure being high afterward... hmmm I wonder why....

Sorry about that little side rant.

I hope it wasnt too bad for you today and you got good news!
btw, you're SUCH a tease with your title!!!
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