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BH or the real deal

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I have had plenty BH during this pregnancy. But never for an entire day every 10 mins. Gosh, do I feel stupid asking this, after all it is my 3rd pregnancy. But could this be the real thing? I am not having any show and it's not painful, just breathtaking and sometimes radiating into my thighs.
Geeze, today would be such a good day to have a baby
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I asked this of myself on #2 just a few weeks ago. You'll know when it's getting close and strong. Perhaps go lie down and see if they dissapate or continue. If they continue, than I hope you are meeting your little one sometime in the next day or so. I had prodromal with contractions off and on, steady at times and then not at all for 6 days this last time...but I still knew when we were getting close. That unmistakable feeling just overwashes you adn you know it's happening. Good luck and happy laboring!
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It could be, just by your description of "breathtaking" and "radiating." BHs should be tight and maybe some pressure but that's about it. Drink up and rest and see if they continue!
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I'm going to bump this thread because i have had the same thing for two days now. About every 10 min. My first was induced, so I don't know of this is leading up to the real deal. I, on the other hand have never felt BH, but I actually have to stop what I'm doing when i have one of these. I'm hoping they get closer and stronger. I'm ready to meet this baby!
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I don't know, but it sounds like both my last labor and the one I'm having right now.

Last time around, I had contractions overnight like what you describe, then they petered off during the day, then picked up again the FOLLOWING night, then FINALLY I had DD at 6am the next day. No sleep anywhere in there, as laying down only made things really uncomfortable.

This time....

Last night I was having 'em every 10-20 minutes all night, then they've been very erratic today... not farther than 20 minutes apart, but as close as 3 minutes apart. And getting stronger. I've had mucus/show, but nothing else. Once again, laying down is really uncomfortable.

Best of luck, mama!! Hope it's the real deal for ya!!
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Could be or could be "false" labor - it's called "false" because it tricks you into thinking it is "real" labor. I'm just going on intensity this time - I've been having contractions almost constantly this entire weekend, but they aren't that strong. I reckon if I wait to pay attention until they are very strong I'll probably "miss" part of my labor, but I'll be less frustrated.
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Geeze, this is frustrating! Why can't babies follow a stricter protocol
W my 1st my waters broke and I started contracting within 2 hrs and with my second I just started having contractions, building up nicely in intensity so I wasn't sitting in the dark too long.
Now I have felt weird all day and got me some DTD to help things along. I woke up about an hr ago and I am having cramps and contrx every 10 mins or so. Feels like the start of labor with my last baby. I guess I'll know by 4am when dh gets up if I should let him go to work. Wish me luck and send some labor vibes my way. I am not patient enough for this to let me fool me! Baby come out!
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