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Welcome Kaitlyn Marie

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Just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that my baby was born on October 18th at 8:22 am via a planned c section due to high risk pregnancy and previous issues and a previous c section. I had a wonderful experience at the hospital and was discharged only 48 hours after her birth. I am very happy anyways here are the details...

Kaitlyn Marie
10-18-07 at 8:22 am (39 weeks 6 days along)
10 lbs 8 ozs & 21 inches long

Beautiful and healthy!
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Congratulations to you and your family! Best wishes!!!
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Congratulations Mama! Wow! Kaitlyn
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to the world new baby.
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Welcome, Kaitlyn! Congratulations on your new baby, Jessica! Hope your healing is quick. Enjoy your babymoon!
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Welcome Kaitlyn!! Congrats Mama!!
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Congratulations and welcome to Kaitlyn!
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Congratulations! I hope your recovery is quick.
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Welcome baby and Congratulations!
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Welcome Kaitlyn!!
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Welcome Kaitlyn!! Congrats Mama~~ have an amazing Babymoon!!
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yay! I'm glad you got released so quickly, it must've gone really well! enjoy your babymoon....
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Congratulations Jessica! Welcome Kaitlyn!

I posted in announcements. Enjoy your little girl!
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welcome Kaitlyn! congratulations.
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Thank you everyone!
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