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Anyone feeling blue?

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I am so depressed with no good reason. I just feel miserable and can't shake it. Today I had an us (previous high risk pregnancy) we saw a hb and everything looked great. I wanted this pregnancy so bad and I knew I was happy but just felt numb. As I pulled into my parking garage I side swept the parked car next to me because I was in a fog. I navigate NYC traffic every day and never hit anything nevermind a parked car. Every one I tell says its the hormones. Anyone else feeling the same way?
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No, but don't feel bad - there's a lot of up AND down swinging in early pg. Big hugs!
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You're not alone, I'm an emotional basket case.
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Depression during pregnancy is so normal, it is just never talked about. For a lot of mamas, it lifts after the first pregnancy, for some it doesn't.

Feel free to pm me.
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not blue .... but grumpy, grumpy, grumpy!!!! Which, I guess, could be a manifestation of depression.
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i am a bit blue. i think the hormones are really starting to flow full force. Lets just blame everything on the hormones!!!
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I feel kind of numb and just blah. I'm not sure it is depression, just an overall sense of not really caring about anything. I don't feel like doing anything either. I actually cried almost the entire drive to work this morning because I felt sick and my husband took such good care of me!
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I feel much the same way: low, kind of numb, angry/grumpy much of the time. I dunno -- I hope it's the hormones. You want to be overflowing with love and warmth for the miniscule little being growing inside, and I have moments of that, but mostly I just feel a sense of burden right now (exhaustion, increasing nausea, secret to keep from the workplace, etc).

On the other hand, we had our first ultrasound this morning (6 weeks and 2 days along). And there it was: all 3mm of it, heart beating like a tiny beacon in the night. We even heard the heartbeat, because the clinic has such amazing technology.

We had the U/S as a final appointment with this fertility clinic we used to get me pregnant. I don't have any fertility challenges, but my spouse is a woman and we decided to use a fertility specialist for the IUI. So hence the early U/S when most people don't get one until 13 weeks. It was just a confirmation, but what a treat. It made me feel a little more connected to this overwhelming (numbing) reality.
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