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2bluefish: UC cheerleading thread

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Let's all cheer 2bluefish along!

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Sending good vibes!
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Go go go go go go 2bluefish!
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Is she in labor? Did I miss a post????
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I don't think she is in labor...this is just to encourage her until she is in labor (and when she's in labor too)
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You go girl!
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OH! Whew! I thought I missed it!

GOOOOOO 2BLUEFISH!!!!! You can do it Mama!!!!
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You can do this. Trust your body...trust yourself!

Know we are all here for you.

Take care!

Sending you labor vibes....

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your baby and body have chosen your perfect moment! you're doing great! just keep imagining your peaceful, positive birth. it will all go exactly as it should.

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You can do it mama! You are a strong woman!
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Why thank you! :

I had a nice afternoon. I sat under the shade of a tree with ds and reviewed Pat Carter's book (Come Softly Sweet Lucina). She so *got* it:

"Though most books on pregnancy gloss over these last trying days, there is no use lying, or trying to cover up, dear Mother to Be. The last month of pregnancy is apt to be your forty days in the wilderness. Your Wintertime. Tho through it you will grow to fullfillment, you will have to submit to unknown forces which are greater than yourself. Fight them, embrace them, love them. It will avail you naught. When you can perceive to the depths of your being that your body is no longer yours, indeed if ever it was, and know utter abnegation of self, then and only then will you know the time is near."

I think I'm just about there. I've got to the point where I've realized I have no say at all in when this baby comes.
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: You can do it!
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I have been thinking of you a lot and came here to check on you. I hope these last days aren't too trying. Wishing you a beautiful birth.
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Thanks, I appreciate the support! I feel like a giant slug today. I'm still trying to get dressed! (Well, I'm dressed, but still need to brush my hair and teeth...) I slept to 11, when dh came home for lunch. He was all pissy with me for still being in bed. I just couldn't wake up! I got up and made ds a bottle of milk around 8 and gave it to him in his bed and crawled back in mine. All afternoon I've just been dragging around. I'm really soft and juicy and having menstrual type cramps. I keep alternating between despairing that I will go on this way forever and feeling hopeful that I must be getting close. The end of pregnancy is so surreal, isn't it?
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You can do it. You really can
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I'm sending you lots of peaceful, positive vibes!
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Yes, the end of pregnancy is very surreal! A very good way of describing. I wrote "goodbye" letters to my family and dh and baby before I went into labor. Sort of that whole "letting go" of ownership of your body.

I'm glad you are resting up for it. Tell your dh to get back in bed with you - he sounds cranky!

Hope you are in labor soon.
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The end of pregnancy is so surrealisnt it
it sure is!
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Well, I woke up with loose stools, still having cramps on and off. Mom is convinced I'll have a quick active labor. Bring it on - I guess I'm as prepared for a fast one as a person can be (I imagine even if you anticipate fast, it's still pretty shocking).

We sent dd to MIL and FIL a week ago, and now MIL's dad is having emergency open heart surgery today, so dd has been taken to SIL and BIL. It's been really good for me to get a break from her, but I'm hoping this hasn't been too much for her. I'm sure if things get to hairy my folks will come on down and help straighten us out.
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loose stools...sounds like you are getting closer!
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