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Sounds like you are getting ready!
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Originally Posted by 2bluefish View Post
Well, I woke up with loose stools, still having cramps on and off.
Exactly how my first labor started!!

Yay You!!
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Wishing you a peaceful gentle birth at a time when it's for the highest good.
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easy labor vibes mama
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Easy labor prayers coming your way!
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Still waiting...
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i feel like you've been waiting forever!
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Hang in there Mama! All babies come out eventually!
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Thinking good thoughts for you mama! Your baby knows the exact perfect time to be born. Trust your body and trust your baby! I hope you have an amazingly beautiful experience.
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I'm here for you mama Call me or write me anytime!
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Mmmm, should we start talking about the joys of overdue babies? I'm convinced they're like super-human! They're so yummy!
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So I went to my weekly prenatal with the midwife I've hooked up with. Man, she sure knew how to bring me to tears! I went in hopeful that I am getting close to being in active labor, and she told me to think like I have 2 more weeks to go and to ignore everything I am feeling. Told me that they are just BHs and have nothing to do with labor. Just warm ups keeping my uterus in shape. I know she's just trying to get me/keep me in a good frame of mind, but - I cannot go 2 more weeks - I WILL NOT go 2 more weeks!! She told me to start a project and to get out of the house and to go for walks... Are you kidding me?! It's all I can do to drag myself out of bed and get dressed! I am NOT going to go for walks. I told her that all walking does is cause me to have more contractions. She said to ignore them - how do you ignore feeling like your baby is about to drop right out on the sidewalk?! I'm considering taking up drinking.... (Blast it, I've moved to a dry county - I'll have to drive out of the county to find a liquor store...) We walk out and dh says "well, did she make you feel better?" WTH - NO, I DO NOT FEEL BETTER!! Ok, so I'm glad she doesn't have a problem with waiting on babies - that's good - that's how a midwife should be. But I am NOT cool with having a November baby - not cool at all. *sigh* OK, done with my little freak out My due date is the full moon - surely that's good pwerful cosmic baby bringing energy.
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AWwww you sound like a woman about to have a baby!

You can go two weeks, because you don't get a choice. You know what happens when you mess with the process and it's not worth it. Full moons are GOOD baby havin days!!!!
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Well, I lubed up good and got in there and checked to see what was going on with my cervix. And the action of the past few days has definately dialated and effaced me more. I'm not just a baby whining about BHs. I'm a woman in early labor. Maybe it is good advice to ignore it as much as possible, but to deny me credit for my laboring was not very nice! (But she is giving me a really nice out for calling her too late, since I'm supposed to be ignoring my labor. )
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Way to look on the bright side!!!! All those contractions have a purpose (other than to annoy you, of course) otherwise we wouldn't have them.
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it sounds to me like you're getting a slow-and-steady early labor process. how fun.

i look forward to my own, in the coming years. whew. i don't know how you do it!
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Oooh, I don't like that she was telling you to discount your feelings. That doesn't quite settle well with me. At the same time... you're not yet to your EDD. Somehow I missed that piece of info. I think remembering that they come on their own time is important. And, yes, if your babe arrives in 2-3 more weeks, you'll wait, because that's what he/she is asking of you. Don't get me wrong, I hope you don't have to wait a single more day!

My first two babies came around 38 weeks. My last was close to 42. It was like an extra month of pregnancy. That sucks, but my sweet 42-weeker was worth it! Yours will be worth whatever time you have to wait, too.

Can you plan a lunchdate (without kids) with a cool friend every Monday from here on out? Soemtimes having something to look forward to, helps.

Wishing you all the patience you need & the trust in your body & your baby to help you follow the path destined for you.
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How exciting! I can't wait to hear about your experience. We are all cheering for you, you can totally do this. It's simple. Just keep it simple. Turn your brain off!
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My old midwife wrote me and said she thought I was having a girl since I don't have the baby yet. I guess her girls came later than her boys. Maybe she's putting on her make up?

DD came 4 days late - I was in early labor and we did AROM - still took 2 days of laboring to get her out. So I don't think we really sped her up much if at all. I had 6 weeks of prodrominal labor with her, so I was feeling she was "late" by the time she was born. Her placenta was worn out, and she rolled over the first week - very alert, could practically hold her head up.

DS came at 37.5 weeks. Even though we augmented with pit, I felt like he was born pretty close to when he was ready too. He was a sweet newborn. More like newborns I'm used too seeing.

I guess feeling that my previous babies were ready earlier coupled with my fears and issues as well as having come and go prodrominal labor since 34 weeks - I feel "overdue" when I am just "due".

Yeah, I have mixed feelings about what the midwife said. I feel really good that she is very cool with moms going way overdue - past 42 as long as the biophysical profile at 42 weeks looks great. But I don't feel like thinking about going overdue is really something healthy for me. We have planned and schedule some major life events around my having a baby on time. I guess it's something I can deal with if I have to, but it's just not something I can set my mind on in any healthy way. I feel like this baby is going to come right on time. I'm just going to stick with that feeling. I went out and got some nice beauty products, and I'm going to treat myself to some pampering and prepare to dance under the full moon. Maybe if it is a girl - which is what I've thought all along - she will appreciate my efforts and decide to join me! If not, well, then at least I won't look quite so haggard...
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Ah the myth of false labor.Yes you are on your way.Make an appt that you have to keep,involve some money.Babies and the military love knowing that and will change thier plans.Have a good temper tantrum.Walking will help even though it literally is a pain.We aren't done with Oct. yet.It sounds like once active labor starts its gonna go fassssst!My last little one was 5 days "overdue" and the others had been early.He came 20 minutes after my water broke.
Gentle birth to you mama,you can do this.Peace.
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