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Oh yamilee

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July is open now. Come on in! Congratulations to all the new pregnancies! (I just couldn't resist posting in a new forum )
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joining in here~

Just got my positive test yesterday~thought it would be a good idea to check on the possible future changes of my body before I went out and purchased new clothes! Good thing I did~Looking forward to early July and meeting up with other expectant mamas soon!
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Looking at early July here!
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Congrats & Welcome July Mommies!!
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hi ladies, I'd love to join here.
I tested today at 9dpo and got a positive on a digital. FF says my dd would be July 5th.
But as you can see in my siggy this is my 4th pregnancy and I only have one child here with me. So I guess I'll try to get to know everyone and enjoy this pregnancy, no matter how short.
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Yay for July 2008!

Christine, I have lost a few pregnancies too; I don't really "believe" in the pregnancy until the second trimester, no matter how much morning-noon-and-night sickness I have.
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Christine--sticky thoughts for you. I hope this one works for you!
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congrats july momma's!
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Anyone else queasy already? I'm back to sitting around smelling a lemon. Ugh.
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not yet, but hoping to be soon! crazy-I know.
I'm only 10dpo so still trying to wrap my brain around it. What's your due date?
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I think I am due in july or the last day or two of june-- i had 2 faint positives last week but haven't gotten around to the blood test yet ... I should go tomorrow.

I am happy and excited.
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Originally Posted by mchalehm View Post
Anyone else queasy already? I'm back to sitting around smelling a lemon. Ugh.
This is my first pregnancy being both sugar-free and vegan. So far only the slightest touch of nauseau-- I'm curious to see if my way of eating makes a difference this time around.
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It's 20 dpo for me; I tested 11 dpo. With my son three years ago, I kept on testing, for weeks, because the lines were so faint at the beginning. This time, just the one test. I'm going to start calling around for midwives tomorrow; there are very few who accept homebirth VBACs around here, so the ones that do are very busy. Anyone else preparing a VBAC?
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I'm 14 dpo and I think I will be due around July 3. I got a faint positive about 3 days ago and several easier-to-read tests yesterday and the day before. Time to call my midwife!
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Just wanted to chime in. I'm feeling quite anxious right now, and can't seem to stay away from the computer because I keep wanting to commuicate with someone!!

DH is still completely in the dark. He's at work, and I just tested this afternoon.

Warm, fuzzy, positive vibes, and Good luck to everyone!!!
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Yeah, i am so happy to meet all of you. Soon enough we will be getting to know eachother much better as we commiserate the yucky stuff ("all the time" sickness, aches and pains) and celebrate the exciting stuff (first kicks, guessing the sex, picking names,preparing for birth)

I am 5 weeks. The due date predicter said June 23rd but with my singleton pregnancies i went 17 and 11 days past due date so i am thinking its more like July 7th. I will tell people mid July to keep them off my back there at the end.
This is my 4th pregnancy, #5 baby, and it will be my 2nd VBAC. Last time i went to the hospital and was very grateful because i was 9 cm, 100% effaced and my son was NOT engaged. They were afraid of prolapsed cord if my water were to brake so they slowly released the water with a pin prick and my sons head was able to engage and he popped out moments later. In the end it was a good experience and since i have had 3 all natural births at a hospital i figure i got the hospital thing under control. I would love a homebirth but they make it so difficult in Arizona. Its illegal even if i could find a Midwife to come from Phoenix or San Diego. I will probably start talking to lay midwifes to see if there is anyone willing so i at least explore my options but in the end i know i can handle the hospital.

I am feeling pretty yucky most of the time and very tired!!! I dont remember being this exsausted before! Other then that things are going good.

Cant wait to meet everyone,
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Congratulations to all the other July mommies!!

I am looking forward to having someone to share in my misery to come! I am not sure when I am due...think I am about 4 weeks or so, got a BFP yesterday....Af was due yesterday also, but not sure how many days past O I am my cycles range from 25-28 days on any given cycle. I called my m/w already and they said as long as I felt comfortable with my body I could wait until 14 weeks to be seen....I don't have ins. so we will see, how long I can hold out! I am a very impatient person! *Probably* planning a homebirth, but not sure, dd2 was born in a FSBC and I may go that route again....we live in a small house, not sure if we could even fit a birthing pool in here! .....but seeing as how this is our last, I may just try to make it work, i've have wanted a homebirth for a while.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone!
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