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who is your most unconventional celebrity crush?

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Ok, ok, I know this has been done before, but which celeb out there takes your fancy?

For me, it has to be Scott Bakula. He has been my number one since the days of Sam Beckett in "Quantum Leap'".

I also kind of like Steve Buscemi (definitely a personality thing!)

Wow, I see an SB connection here!

Ok, so fess up. Who floats your boat?
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Celebrity as in actor? My main squeeze is a sports star:

Vinnie Lecavalier of the Tampa Bay Lightning. Unlike I would an actor, I get to see him every home game!

As far as actors go....Steve Zahn. I can't explain it - I've always had a weird crush on him!
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celebrity as in anyone famous I guess.
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Here's another one for your SB collection http://www.steveswebpage.com/songsmites.php .

It's Steve from Blue's Clues newly refashioned as a rock and roll star!
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Crispin Glover
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Brett Favre
Steve Buscemi
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hey Mom2six, Mr Blues Clues is looking rather hot actually. Always had a bit of a thing for him. Joe just doesn't do it. Thanks for that!!
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Lyle Lovitt.
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Henry Rollins.

Then possibly Brendan Frasier, and of course, Sean Connery.
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Drew Carey. I think it's the glasses.
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Most unconventional?

I've had a thing for Snoop Dog for years.

It's his voice, mostly. I am very attracted to certain kinds of voices. I love the rhythm to his. Plus I think he's incredibly charismatic.
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Um..Alison...me too.

The man has ..something. I do not have a clue what it might be..but I understand what you are saying.He is just...something.

There is a woman in our town who is obsessed with Eddie Izzard.

Can I add..I think Kid Rock is cute as well..in a completely "sleezy,bad influence, not the type of guy I would really ever want to spend time with but when he grins I feel sort of tingly all over " way.

Must be that Bad Boy image.

I think the tall, dark haired guy on the Drew cary show( played jethro on bev.hill billies movie aout five or six years ago) Is rather cute as well.

His name starts with a "D' I think.

When I was a little girl, I had a huge crush on David Lee Roth.

for shame...

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oooooohhhhhhh...yummy...Esai Morales from NYPD Blue. At least that is what I know him from.

Tony is "Blue" fan and now I like to watch too

Dave Matthews, but that is such a common crush. I still wouldn't yell at him for eating crackers in bed tho, lol

Mulder on X-files...

time for my iced coffee, gotta go...
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I am so with you on the Drew Carey thing.

Never knew why...but yeah, he is a cutey.
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Tommy Lee
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Joshua Jackson. A young-un, but such a hottie.
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Avonlea, I'm so glad I'm not alone.

I love how you put it, he has 'something'. Yup.

I think it's a bad boy thing for me too.

I also have a thing for Tommy Lee and Eminem

Hey, I don't have to live with them.
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Well most unconventional for me would be Ashley Judd!!

More conventionally, John Hannah.
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forest sage,

crispen glover, yes!! he is sooooooo sexy..
i love weirdos.
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