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10 days past my edd and where edd's come from

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i am 10 days past my edd and this would not bother me except that my midwifes want me to go in for tests, amniotic fluid index thingy and non stress and all that routine stuff i guess. i am totally confident my baby is fine (my baby moves a LOT and i just feel my baby is doing well) and i suspect i physically feel better than most women do at this point i mean i walked about 2 miles yesterday at a really nice part by the bay. i normally have a lot of anxiety around hospitals and doctors and have had to ask friends and family to pretty much force me to go when i needed to to in the past and had good reasons for going like prolonged strep throat and stuff so going when i don't feel i need to is really hard and as a result i have yet to make my appointment. when i try to make my appointment i panic. anyhow as of today i am 10 days past my edd and i am supposed to be going in for this test before friday. i did a little research trying to figure out who came up with the 40 week edd anyways and i found 2 really interesting articles. they both say pretty much the same thing it was a german doctor in the 1800's and in the 1980's when doctors decided to see how accurate it was they found first time moms on average go 8 days past and moms who already have kids go 3 days past. i already knew about the going 8 days past which is why i was wondering where the 40 weeks came from anyways. the articles can be found at

if anyone has any advice for how i can deal with my anxiety and just make this stupid appointment that would be great i will probably call my midwifes and let them know i havn't yet and why i havn't
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no advice, just hugs. Good luck !
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The research I've found indicates that 42 weeks is actually FULL TERM and you're not considered late until after that.

I'd trust myself and not go in. Don't worry about it. It's causing you unnecessary anxiety, which we do not need at this point in our lives. You know?

I was due the 10th by one edd and the 18th by my original edd. If I go to 43 wks from the 18th, then I'm sure to have a baby by Nov 8th (day after my 30th bday).

Do what you feel you need to do, but as someone who gets so panicky about hospitals, I completely understand your anxiety over it.

You're fine and so is your baby. (And so is mine!)
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My pregnancy wheel says "About 5% of babies are born post-term (more than 2 weeks past their estimated due date)."
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I completely understand where you are coming from. I have a lay Midwife and am doing a waterbirth at home. I am currently 38 weeks, 5 days and I believe my Midwife has me do biweekly NSTs if I go past my EDD. DH and I are so against going to the hospital for any reason. DH does not want me to get them no matter what and I would consider if I felt something was wrong. Like you I feel that everything is good and I would know if something didnt feel right. I did have an ultrasound at 25 weeks and it pushed my EDD back 5 days so I think I will try to negoiate with that if I go past my original EDD. I am hoping to go into labor before my EDD and know what you are going through. Do not let them talk you into unnecessary interventions if you do go get the NST. Good luck!
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thanks for all the replies i have been feeling a lot calmer today. i did call to make the appointment but they said they will call me back tomorrow with a time to come in and i don't know if i will actually show up for the appointment or not. i guess if i make the appointment then i can decide if i want to go and if my midwifes try to push me into going when i really don't want to well i can always have a free birth which i feel comfortable doing. for me the biggest reason to have midwifes has been for my own comfort and my partners and if a uc becomes more comfortable and feels safer thats what i will do. my partner is ok with it except he wants to know how long i am willing to go and what the dangers are and i guess i don't have an answer for him. i had expected this baby to come a little before my due date based on family history (my mom and grandma both say their first children came around 5 days before their edd) but i kinda doubt my mom paid any attention to when she was ovulating and i am not even certain she had regular periods when she conceived my older brother and i was born via an emergency c section (a doctor accidentally ruptured the placenta). next time i get egnant i will just tell people what season the baby is due because the hardest thing right now is knowing friends and family are starting to think i am a bit crazy or a bit more crazy than they already thought i was and knowing that they are starting to judge me about my parenting choices before my baby has even been born. next time i can just say the baby is due in the fall or spring or whenever.
so yeah i am feeling better but still a bit stressed i suppose. thank you everyone who replied it helped a lot
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