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working moms - when will you tell your boss?

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Just curious when people plan on breaking the news to their boss. With my last pregnancy I told my boss at 9 weeks (I was SO worried about how he'd take the news - and then felt silly because of course he congratulated me). I think I'll probably tell him (same boss) once we detect a heartbeat via US - hopefully next week! I hate keeping secrets - it's so stressful.
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I won't be telling my boss or my parents until mid-December. I have no problem keeping secrets from my co-workers for a while. It's not a real cozy workplace, anyway. I mean, I like my job, but I don't talk about my personal life there much, nor does anyone.
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I told mine last week, I wanted to wait but she was planning a business trip for me in Feb. I don't think I'll tell my coworkers until after Thanksgiving.
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told my boss just the other day .... I'm an ER nurse, and I wanted her to know why I may run out of a room to hurl! .... just kidding! Seriously .. there are a few folks I need to take extra special precautions around for he next few weeks.
I've only told a few of my co-workers. I figured it will spread pretty quickly ...
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Chances are, not until I get to 12 weeks, unless I need to be out for any reason before then (meaning an extended absence) as then it might be helpful for him to understand. So, about another month or so, I guess. That's about when I told with my last one too. But this pregnancy won't affect the school year nearly as much, since I'm due just before school will be out (instead of in the middle of it).

That's not to say I haven't told anyone. The other people in the science department know, simply because I wanted to tell somebody and they were a good group for it. Plus we're a very small dept - there's only 8 of us and we tend to keep each other informed.
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I'll probably wait till about 12 weeks also, just because I don't have any desire to share the info with them yet, and if anything was to happen, I couldn't stand the sympathy.

That's probably weird, but I'm more on the private side and like time to get to know my baby and "settle in" before everyone starts giving me looks and asking questions
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My work is the next place I tell, after DH.

This is my 4th pg since TTC #2. With my first 2 pg's, I started m/c at work, so having my manager in the know was very good. That way, me asking for the following day off from work wasn't coming out of nowhere.
Plus, I have to order a stool for my work (I stand all day at work), and it takes WEEKS to actually arrive. So, if I waited until my 2nd tri to get that ball rolling, I'd be in serious agony by the time it arrived.
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I'm going to try to wait as long as possible. Right now I feel like crap and am worried that people might start suspecting something since I look like the walking dead! Luckily I am not actually throwing up, just feel blah and nauseous. I'm a pretty private person at work and I just don't feel like having everyone talk to me about it. I work in a suburb outside of Atlanta and the mentality around the office is pretty traditional southern, I am sort of the odd ball of the office. If I can wait until January I will, but I guess it depends on when I actually start showing
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I told my boss a couple days ago because I'm having bad ms and it's affecting my work. So much of what I do is "on demand", so I felt at least he needed to understand what's going on or I'd probably get written up or fired.

I asked him to keep it to himself until I announce it to the team, and he said he would, but who knows really. I just don't want a lot of drama if something should go wrong, so I'd rather wait until I'm at least 12 weeks to tell my team.
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Everyone at work already knows. Its a very team orientated envionment and I wanted them to know that I wasn't being a slacker, I just feel sick.
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