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I have to push WHAT out of my vagina?

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You know I am not sure how I fall for this hook line and sinker every time but what I do know is towards end of each pregnancy I think to myself.... OMG I have to push this child out of my vagina!

Am I crazy?? A glutton for punishment?? Who would WANT such agonizing pain?? When it is happening you are telling yourself NEVER AGAIN! And then like 2 week later you say, oh it was not so bad. Next thing you know BAM! I want another. lol

I am fairly certain to be a mother more than once is to be just a little bit insane. lol But it is who I am going to be for a 3rd time in the next few weeks and guess what? I ain't done yet :0)

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Haha, I'm going on #5. Not only that, but I have teenagers so I can see exactly how crazy hard it gets but I just keep going!

Just call me a glutton for punishment! JK - I love my teenagers - they are great!
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Oh, foo, I can stick my whole hand up my twat at this point, and it fits quite easily - the baby's head isn't that much bigger than that. Yes, I'm weird - it's just my fingers are short, so if I want to check my cervix I have to get in there. So cool how much the yoni expands!
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wow.. I got a visual of that. lol TMI girl TMI! lol
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Oops, sorry, should have put a TMI warning! - guess I'm getting to that point when all inhibition is gone - just want this baby out now!
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I seem to remember this small pregnancy fact each time, only at the end. All sunshine and cute babies. Then suddenly realize it has to get out somehow

With my first, when they said I had to be induced, and I really got what was going to happen, I told dh I wasn't going. Guess if I stayed home, he'd have to stay put? lol

This time, I'm just ready for it. Not the funnest sure, but I'm ready to have all my parts be mine again lol
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You know I wonder about this all the time! I think we are crazy, I mean seriously. Every time my baby's have crowned, I think "what am I doing?" Seriously, I'm debating on the whole having another one, but I think I might just be crazy enough to do it again
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omg, I have no idea why you crazy people have another one.

getting that head out is ridiculous!! (and mine was only 32cm!)

but I guess I'm only 1 week PP so. . . what do I know about the power of amnesia
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OMG you all have me :

I just had one eleven days ago that was two pounds heavier and two inches longer than her sister and I'm already excited to do it all over again! Am I insane? : I'm somewhat annoyed that I have to wait for my cycles to return from breastfeeding (took almost 1.5 years last time) nuts :
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I really don't think it is such a big deal - I admit after dd came through with her head extended, I was pretty stretched and a little careful about how I sat the next day. But after ds I wasn't sore a bit. I remember thinking just moments after he was out - ok, I want to wait a bit before I do that again. But the next day I didn't even feel like I had been through a labor.

I will admit that I am a little terrified of having a big baby - but my midwives have assured me that this baby does not feel big.
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Really I've only found about 15 minutes worth to be all that bad, and that was largly because I went from 2 to pushing so fast, with no time to get used to or build up. Since this time I am pretty sure I've already been dialating, I expect it to be even easier.

I was also up moving around pretty quickly. After my first, we went home next day, and went to ice cream that night (and umm, I drove lol, I hate being a passenger). The last two were the same. Biggest thing I wanted was a super hot shower to relax my muscles and I was pretty good to go (or at least to go a bit lol)
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