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Turns out I wasn't pregnant. Despite 2 BFPs, my betas were 0. Have a great pregnancy all!
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I am sorry! I hope you are back to the pg boards really soon.
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sunflwr, I'm sorry. Good luck on your journey.
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Sorry mama! I am confused by this though. I only did one home test, and now I am paranoid I am not really pregnant. My midwife told me there are no false positives though, unless you are on certain types of meds. Do you know what caused yours by any chance? I am also worrying because of the type of discharge I am having. Think I will start a new thread....
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I'm so sorry! I hope to see you on a DDC soon!!
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I am so so sorry. Wishing you peace in your journey.
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Oh, mama, Im so sorry. I bet it was a chemical pregnancy, which for many is a good sign. I bet you will be back in the DDCs really soon!
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*hugs* So sorry to hear that. Hopefully you will be back on the DDC boards soon!
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