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Can we talk about discharge?

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Nice thread title, huh? I am feeling paranoid I am not really pregnant. I have only taken one home test and have heard other stories about those not turning out to be right. Now I am having discharge that is like the stuff you get when you are fertile - ya know, the slippery stuff. I didn't think that was one of the normal types of pregnancy discharges. Anybody else having that type?
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No, but there's so *many* variations of normal!!
Usually if a + pg test ends in a m/c or a 'late period', it is likely an early m/c... but if you haven't started any period or bleeding and you got a + test... I would think you're fine.
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I've read on message boards all ove rthe internet of women having all kinds of different discharge in early pregnancy.

The fertile CM you're seeing may be in response to the increased amount of estrogen your body is producing for the pregnancy. Estrogen is the hormone responsible for cervical mucus.

I hope that helps
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Oh heaven above, discharge... I have more CM now than I ever did when ttc. And it's all the EWCM variety.

A false positive on a HPT is very rare. In sunflwr's case, it may have been a chemical pregnancy (I don't know for sure, but that's typically what happens). HPT's can be so sensitive that they pick up a pregnancy far earlier than they ever could before and a lot of those pregnancies don't progress. If you didn't have any bleeding, you can be even more sure that you're pregnant. You can still be pregnant and not feel it. Most of the time, I feel ok. But then there are those moments when I'm nauseated or starving or flat out exhausted.
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I'm having so much discharge it's disgusting. Of course, I'm doing vaginal progesterone so that's not helping matters, but it's still nasty!

I've always had EWCM in early pregnancy, though - I had it with all three of my previous pregnancies. It didn't last too long, though.
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Lots and lots of CM is one of my biggest "symptoms." And it continued for me up until I birthed.
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Yup- I am having it too! And it gets worse with pregnancy to the point where I need a panty liner in the last trimester! Don't you worry! Your body is just fine! You are much more likely to get a false negative than false positive!
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I'm with you in the CM tribe!! I feel like I've been ovulating since... well... I was ovulating.
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Add me to the list too. It's not as much as before O, but it's still there and obvious. From what I've heard it's fairly common to have enough CM to warrent a pad. Sounds like you're fine, but you can always contact your Dr. if you're worried.
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Yay! Thanks everybody! I asked my midwife, and she said it was normal too. I remember having discharge with my other pgs, but don't remember this type. Glad I am not alone.
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Oh yes. I had it the WHOLE time last time. Now that I think back, it was pretty yucky.
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Me too. Lots and lots of creamy discharge. It was the same as last pregnancy.....I think its referred to as Leukareha sp? Sorry bad spelling. If anyone has the What to Expect book its mentioned in there.
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Yup. I'm right there with you all. It seems I'm going through pantyliners a lot more than I did with my last pregnancy. I never needed them until the last trimester, but it's as bad now as it was then!

Side note: anyone have a good pattern for some washable fabric ones?
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