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Weird groin pain

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Is there any room for late pregnancy complaint posts still?

I'm 39 weeks and since last night I've gotten intermittent stabbing pains in my groin (crease of left leg) and sometimes my left buttock. Baby has dropped a lot in the past couple days and I think she's pressing on a nerve or something.

Has anyone had this happen to them before? Does this mean I'm getting closer to labor? Does this mean anything with regard to the baby's position?
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Yeah, it's baby on a nerve. I've been experiencing that stabbing for a couple of weeks now. Complain away!
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maybe an adjustment from a good chiropractor would help with that? Maybe it could help the baby to be in a good position for birth also. Just a thought...good luck!
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Or some nice yoga stretches can help shift the baby and relieve the pressure. I had sciatic pain at the end with DD1.
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Yep. That has been happening a little bit to me, too. The really, really weird thing is that at one point I was getting hideous zaps simultaneously in the crease of my leg and in my shoulder, but nowhere in between. It helped me to get on my hands and knees to give the baby more room and help her shift position.
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oooh! crotch lightning!!! how sucky!

i totally and wholeheartedly agree with the chiropractic suggestion. it helped me greatly throughout the pregnancy, but definitely at the end.

feel better quickly, mama!
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